10 Biggest Celebrity Sports Fans



People all over the world love to tune in on game day to cheer for their favorite team. Some of them are more casual, but others take it a step further and have a true passion for sports. These 10 celebs are always at games or suited up in their team’s gear.

1. Tracy Morgan

Crazy Knicks fan and comedian Tracy Morgan actually took over the team’s Twitter account for a game last season.

2. Will Ferrell

Dressing up as a Trojan and leading the USC’s marching band definitely cemented this comedian’s spot as the team’s most famous fan. You can also catch the college’s alum at most Lakers games.

3. Ashley Judd

Watching games from the student section, writing articles about the team, and posing on the team’s schedule makes this actress one of the biggest University of Kentucky fans around.

4. Regis Philbin

Philbin continues to support the Notre Dame Fighting Irish sixty years after graduating from the school, delivering speeches to the football team and even narrating an audiobook about their history.

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