12 Celebrities Who Were Born Blonde


Blondes might have more fun but it doesn’t necessarily follow that everybody who is born blonde is happy to stay that way; some celebrities were born blonde but choose to have something completely different.

1. Olivia Wilde wasn’t born with those silky brunette locks

Olivia Wilde is one celebrity who was born blonde but prefers her hair to be darker, who’d have guessed it? Although born blonde she always felt like a brunette.

2. Leighton Meester isn’t really a brunette

The infamous Blair Waldorf with the glossy dark locks is actually Leighton Meester who was born to be blonde.

3. Emma Stone doesn’t really have red hair

Emma Stone was born a blonde but opted for her now famous red hair when she realized that she was being typecast as some sort of a cheerleader – she got her first role a week after dying her blonde locks brown.

4. Sofia Vergara traded her blonde locks for her career

Casting directors found her difficult to place with her accent and curves, the blonde hair didn’t seem to fit the picture. Dying her hair a darker shade completed the Latin girl look and the work soon followed.

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