14 Unknown Facts About Foo Fighters


Possibly one of the most random bands of all time, the Foot Fighters enjoy nothing more than playing pranks on people, even mid-song. Beyond their humorous nature, the boys are actually quite deep thinkers…

According to them they like to sit deep in holes and ponder life’s complexities. Let’s take a look at a few little known facts about the guys.

1. Why the Foo Fighters?

Well, this one is almost as random as the band mate’s behavior, but the name Foo Fighters actually comes from the term that the US Air Force applies to unidentified flying objects.

2. Law suit central

Did you know that what started as a joke has now become a real deal; if anyone, anywhere misspells or writes the member’s names as well as the band’s name wrong, then they will find themself slapped with a law suit. Most of these cases don’t go further than the first step in court proceedings though; they’re just having a laugh. Although they do enforce a $100 fine.

3. Loyal to the… No

David Grohl is one of the world’s greatest drummers, but did you know that he also plays for several other bands in his spare time? From Queens of the Stone Age to Probot.

4. Minty-fresh

If David doesn’t get to chew some fresh mint before climbing on stage, the microphone loses out. Yes, he firmly believes that his microphone deserves a minty fresh scent.

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