20 Celebrities Who Have A Secret Love Child


2. Bow Wow tried to keep his daughter from his fans

Bow Wow denied all knowledge of being a Daddy too, worrying that it would ruin his rapper image but, he eventually admitted it through his website. He is “The Daddy” to a little girl Shai Moss.

It’s strange that Bow Wow wanted to hide it because of his image. Sure, most rappers don’t like other people to know that they are married or in a relationship, because that sometimes takes away from their images of being a “player.” But many rappers have a lot of children, and a great deal are love children or children simply born out of wedlock.

Perhaps Bow Wow’s biggest problem was that he was too young for a child at the time and did not want to admit to himself that it was time to take some responsibility. Either way, he manned up to it and does help to raise the young girl when he can. Good for you, Bow Wow. You’re not a dog after all.

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