21 Celebrities Who Suffer From Allergies


2. Sabine Lisicki

This one might shock you. For a tennis pro, Sabine should be used to grass because her sport requires her to play on it. Unfortunately that isn’t the case and she’s actually allergic. Just being near it gives her a rash and fits of sneezing. It looks like clay courts are doomed to be her favorite.

The German tennis pro currently ranks no. 30 on the WTA list. The 26 year old Bine, as she is called in her motherland, won four WTA titles and two ITFs. Her highest ranking was no. 12, in 2012. Lisicki always dreamed about becoming a professional tennis player and every tennis pro, man or woman, has one big dream – winning the Wimbledon. However, as those who follow tennis are well aware, Wimbledon uses grass for its courts.

You’d think that a strong allergy to grass (more precisely, to grass pollen) would prevent Lisicki from ever making any significant result in the most famous tennis championship in the world. Think again – despite her allergies and even despite an injured wrist, Lisicki made it to the finals in 2013, but lost to Marion Bartoli.

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