21 Baddest Girls Of Hollywood


4. Madonna

The remarkable Material Girl who never stops evolving. The hyper-ambitious artist who won’t let anything stop her from being phenomenal until the day she dies. The seven-time Grammy Award-winner who has sold over three hundred million records and CDs. The this, the that, to the average bystander, it would probably seem Madonna has everything – the looks, the voice, the brains and the money.

And maybe she has all of that, but to be honest, we haven’t seen much of Madonna’s exceptionality lately. Age is an undeniable restriction, although she refuses to believe so, and it’s getting kind of lame at this point. She’s basically striving towards being a sexier and edgier version of Marlene Dietrich and it’s not really working anymore. She is also known for her incredibly fiery temperament, which has caused her some problems over the years, and let’s not forget how much she disrespects fans – that one time she threatened to have a fan beaten by her bodyguards just for approaching her. Now that isn’t really nice.

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