21 Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns

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There have been worse meltdowns before and after Britney’s horrific 2007 breakdown, but none of them were more talked and reported about. What made Britney’s fall so terrifying was probably the fact that in the years that lead to it she enjoyed the status of the absolute Queen of Pop.

She was on top of the world, and when she fell, she fell hard. The year 2007 will be remembered in pop culture history as the year Britney shaved her head, had several violent slashes with the paparazzi, divorced Kevin Federline who eventually won full custody of their two sons because Britney was caught severely intoxicated in their presence.

She visited various rehab establishments on several occasions, there was a lot of talk about her excessive partying and even about a sex tape. It was a dark period for Britney but thankfully she managed to climb back to stability.

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