21 Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns

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Michael Richards’ name does not sound familiar to you? How about Cosmo Kramer? Yeah, Kramer from Seinfeld. The actor who became internationally recognized as Kramer from Seinfeld later became famous for saying some pretty nasty racist things during a performance in a comedy club.

In 2006, Richards was performing at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. Irritated by a group of loud, noisy hecklers, he went completely berserk and launched an angry, racist rant in which the N-word was repeated several times, along with the mentions of lynchings and the Jim Crow era.

The incident was so shocking partly because Richards’ Seinfeld persona, Cosmo Kramer, was portrayed as a perfectly nice, well-meaning albeit a little silly guy. Richards later apologized, denying he was racist and justifying his actions as being motivated by rage, not racism, but it was too late, his reputation was destroyed permanently.

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