21 Celebrities Who Are Crazy About Their Pets


3. Katy Perry

If you are at least somewhat familiar with Katy Perry’s life and career, you probably know that she’s crazy about cats. Although the pop star is the proud human mom of two adorable kittens, it’s pretty obvious that Kitty Purry is her favorite. Yes, her actual name is Kitty Purry and she’s Katy’s mascot.

You could even say that she is a celebrity in her own right: she made a cameo appearance in Katy’s I Kissed a Girl music video and was shown during several songs in the California Dreams Tour.

Perry also included a gigantic inflatable Kitty Purry in her Hello Katy Tour and even gives her fans the opportunity to meet her precious feline during meets and greets. Kitty Purry is one special cat and Perry obviously want the entire world to know just how much she loves her purrfect pet.

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