6 Celebrities Who Ended Up In A Hospital In 2013


Accidents happen. Most of the time they’re out of our control, but in some cases it might just be our fault, especially when it comes to celebrities and their reckless behaviors, such as when Keith Richards was hospitalized in 2006 after falling from a palm tree at the age of 62.

1. Mariah Carey

During filming a video for her song #Beautiful, Mariah dislocated her shoulder and got several other injuries when she fell from a platform. She revealed that it was her fault, and that she ended up in the hospital with a cracked rib, fractured shoulder and bruises everywhere.

2. Kristen Stewart

We all probably remember Kristen’s foot injury during the 85th Academy Awards, last year. We’re still not sure what the cause of the injury was, but we know Kristen showed up to the Oscars using crutches. Still, some are speculating that the injury came from stepping on glass.

3. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher had a near-death experience during the filming of Now You See Me. Namely, the actress almost drowned during a scene where she had to perform a magic trick by staying under the water for almost three minutes. It was mostly because her chain got stuck, and she ended up with light injuries and trauma.

4. Jason Statham

Yes, this tough guy can also get injured. Especially when he drives into the Black Sea in his truck after the brakes failed. That’s what happened during the filming of Expendables 3. Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured.

5. Johnny Depp

The movie Lone Ranger could’ve been fatal for this 50-year old actor who was thrown from his horse and dragged for 50 yards. Apparently, the saddle came loose which resulted in severe injuries for Depp. Producers and experts said Depp was extremely lucky since such injuries are often fatal.

6. Michael Schumacher

Even though he’s not a first choice when you think of a celebrity, we still felt a need to mention him on this list. Schumacher’s skiing injury shocked the world, while thousands of fans expressed their support to the currently comatose Formula 1 legend.  Be strong champ; this is the most important race of your life.

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