6 Celebrities Who Showed New Face Behind Cameras



It may come as somewhat of a surprise to discover that not all celebrities get along.

Just like we might have a beef with the guy on the next work station with an annoying laugh who sucks up to the boss in a cringe-worthy fashion, some celebrities are less than complimentary about each other when the cameras stop rolling – even if they look like the best of buddies onscreen. It’s called acting.

1. Bill Murray and Chevy Chase

Did you notice that the stars of Caddyshack were only actually in one scene together for the whole movie?

Their beef had a history dating back to their Saturday Night Live days… a definite clash of the egos.

2. George Clooney and David O Russell

George Clooney has a reputation of being one of the nicest, kindest movie stars around, so what went wrong?

Well, George might be “Mr Nice Guy” but David definitely isn’t, according to sources.  In fact, George got so fed up with David treating members of the crew badly when filming Three Kings that he decided to give him a piece of his mind. Go George.

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