21 Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents


2. Bradley Cooper

Unlike some other people on the list, poor Bradley didn’t have much of a choice when it came to living with his mother. The actor was unfortunate enough to lose his father, who died from cancer when Bradley was still very young. In fact, he was with his dad through the whole period, and he even openly admitted in a recent interview that he was right next to him the moment he died.

This changed Bradley, and although he mentions the experience with much grief and remembers it as a time when nothing was right, he admits that it inspired him to be even more successful because of how “short life actually is.” He invited his mother, Gloria, to move into his Los Angeles home shortly after his father died. Though they initially had a hard time coming to terms with the new situation, living together was paramount in helping them get through the rough period. It also improved their relationship.

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