6 Celebrity Meltdowns


When regular people have meltdowns, it’s usually a matter of personal drama, hurt feelings and eventually moving on. When stars have meltdowns, it’s a showstopper. It’s even more difficult to move on from because of the many, many cameras that are always around.

When stars have meltdowns, they can be real supernovas.

1. Charlie Sheen

Sheen’s meltdown started with destroyed hotel rooms and ended up with putting his award-winning show, Two and a Half Men, on indefinite hiatus. This very public meltdown culminated in long and rambling interviews about tiger’s blood and winners, and people are still probably trying to comb his cryptic mutterings for inspiration.

2. Mel Gibson

The star of Braveheart lost a lot of face when he was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Allegedly, he went off on an anti-Semitic rant before sexually harassing a police officer at the station. Gibson has since apologized, stating that the entire incident was a moment of insanity.

3. Russell Crowe

Crowe usually plays it cool, but when the star was frustrated with trying to dial out from a hotel room, he ended up throwing his phone at a hotel employee’s face. This resulted in a third-degree assault charge which was later dropped.

4. Christian Bale

There’s nothing quite like a meltdown that’s being recorded as it goes down, and that’s exactly what happened to Bale. A long audio clip caught Bale cussing out a crew member during the filming of Terminator:

Salvation, and though his complaint might’ve been valid, no one should swear that much in a professional setting.

5. Michael Richards

Michael Richards’ big claim to fame is as the lovable Kramer from Seinfeld, but that reputation made room for a darker one when he unleashed an expletive-laden, racially-charged tirade against hecklers at a comedy club.

6. Elton John

Though he’s mostly known for award-winning pop songs, it probably means something when a star’s documentary is subtitled Tantrums and Tiaras. John’s known for chucking things at hotel staffs, refusing to return to an entire region of France after a fan greeted him, and calling reporters “vile pigs”.

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