6 Hollywood Marriages That Have Passed The Two-Decade Mark


Many celebrities are known for their short-term marriages and multitude of affairs. Some marriages have even lasted for mere 72 days. However, there are some stars who took their vows more seriously, and have been married for over two decades.

Here are some of Hollywood’s long-lasting marriages:

1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

You probably don’t remember when these two even started dating, let alone their wedding. That’s mostly because their wedding was 25 years ago. The couple has two children together, and it seems like they’ve just began their relationship.

If you ever need marriage advice, you know who to ask.

2. Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you probably the longest marriage in Hollywood. Kirk and Anne have been married for an incredible 56 years! Douglas and Buydens met in 1953, when she was a promoter for his movie Act of Love and in 2004, the couple renewed their vows.

Great job, Kirk and Anne!

3. Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Gottsegen

This couple has been married since 1980, and their marriage seems ever-lasting. They’ve raised four children – Jacob, Rebecca, Maxwell and Lydia – and still managed to be extremely successful in the showbiz.

Hoffman said the secret of their marriage was to live your own life while sharing the living-space.

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