7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Liam Hemsworth



Liam Hemsworth, one of the rising stars and member of the Hemsworth family that’s making a lot of girls go ahhh, was born 13.01.1990 in Melbourne, Australia.

Best known for his role in The Hunger Games movies, he is continuing to take Hollywood by storm, so lets get to know him better:

Fact No. 1

He’s got a brother, no, I don’t mean Chris, everybody knows that but there is a third Hemsworth brother called Luke, he’s a little older and was actually the first of the bunch to act with roles on Australian TV.

He was probably the inspiration for Liam and Chris.

Fact No. 2

Liam and Chris used to live and sleep together before Chris became a Hollywood God – Thor.

There’s nothing like a bit of brotherly love to help each other through the tough times and homesickness.

Fact No. 3

Liam once threw a knife at Chris . . . yes, really. Apparently they used to fight a lot as youngsters and once, when he was about 8 years old he threw a knife at Chris but fortunately it was the handle which hit his head.

Their Mum once broke a finger trying to split up the little monsters!

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