12 Celebrity Secret Geeks

3. Art Garfunkel

World-famous and multiple-award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, actor, poet, and everything else you can think of, is also a bit of a maths geek, which you probably wouldn’t have guessed. He has a master’s in maths from Columbia and comes from a long line of geeks.

Not only that, but he is also an avid reader, a true bibliophile we dare say! Although, he admits he wasn’t born in a household with a huge family library, but developed a love for books later on. It was at Columbia College in 1959 where he decided to “read a million books and became a reader” and also started writing poetry.

He initially majored in architecture, but got a B.A. in art history, an M.A. in math, and completed PhD courses in mathematics at Teachers College, also at Columbia, during the most successful times in his band’s carrier. His talent as a poet started to evolve on tour, in 1981, while he was riding a motorcycle in the countryside.

Not only did he write beautiful lyrics for the folk band, Simon and Garfunkel, he published a collection of prose poetry Still Water, which got decent critical acclaim. His reading capacity included a thousand books, and his website is there to make sure we don’t miss out on his reads.

Even though it might be a smug move, it may inspire some to read a few books every once in a while. His list of already read books contains 1000 titles. That’s a lot of effort spent, and you have to give him credit.

The famous folk artist also likes taking walks. A lot. One time, he walked across Japan in a matter of weeks, and from 1983 to 1997, Garfunkel walked across America, taking 40 excursions to complete the route from New York City to the Pacific coast of Washington.

After that, he went for Europe. Why? To get inspiration for writing poetry. He got six Grammy Awards for his music, and appeared in ten movies, and was nominated for the Golden Globe in 1972, for Carnal Knowledge.

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