7 Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lawrence


Whether she’s starring as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games or posing for the camera on the red carpet, it may feel like you know everything there is to know about Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence.

But with her candid sense of humor and laidback vibe, there’s actually much more to J-Law than meets the eye.

Here are 7 things we bet you didn’t know about this lovely actress.

1. She Was Voted ‘Most Talkative” in 7th Grade

Though she wasn’t allowed to pursue acting until she completed high school, Jennifer was voted most talkative in 7th grade, a trait she’s carried on with her all throughout adulthood.

This helped her immensely later on in the career, cementing her further as the teen idol. That strong female lead that was missing for almost 20 years is finally here!

Her honest statements, casual demeanor and very good relationship with the fans are all consequences of eloquence.

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  • Guest

    u forgot Simon Pegg is Apple Martin’s Godfather

  • Guest

    u forgot Simon Pegg is Apple Martin’s Godfather

  • Liz Carroll

    Being someone’s god father doesn’t mean you’re related to them, we knew Eric Roberts was Julia’s brother because it got mentioned earlier in the list!

  • Liz Carroll

    Being someone’s god father doesn’t mean you’re related to them, we knew Eric Roberts was Julia’s brother because it got mentioned earlier in the list!

  • BetterWriterForHire

    Miley is doing it for the money and it’s working. Work on your grammar.

    • miley look trashy

      miley is ugly and she look trashy no lie

  • I see thru your articles

    you know who needs a reality check? the racist asshole behind these articles. why is everyone white?

    • michaelmastro

      Maybe because, for this article, it’s us white people doing the dumbest things. Wear it as a badge of honor! Would you want a black person to win a Darwin Award if none had?

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    • 7541west

      The comment seems to be based solely on race…does that qualify as a racist comment?

    • Tami

      Nothing is ever about Black people. If it isn’t something ignorant, we aren’t in it. Bill collector comment is a prime example. I’ve learned to deal with it because they’re going to say “they’re always calling the race card” even if what we say are true. I just stop getting mad over shit that I can’t change because only thing it’s going to do is leave you angry and bitter. Don’t even worry about it. Have a nice day.

  • guest

    That’s a silly statement. If she was glad not to receive those parts and escape media attention, then she should have stayed away from Hunger Games role. Besides Rooney Mara, who played main character in Girl With a Dragon Tattoo didn’t get as much attention as Jen got after playing Katniss in Hunger Games. Jen should rethink her answer and be honest. She didn’t get those roles because someone was a better fit than her. Simple as that. Stop with the BS Jen. We are not buying it. :) Otherwise, keep calm and carry on lol

    • shasta89

      maybe she said that before she became famous

      • Brian Simpson

        She did if I recall correctly, and it was connected to her role in Hunger Games. If memory serves, she was saying she was hesitant to because of the attention it would bring, ala the other girls.

  • Mia

    “Her father Gary Lawrence, who once owned a concrete construction firm, Lawrence & Associates, didn’t get that son to carry on the family business, but who needs business when you have a Hollywood star as your daughter.”

    umm…She has two older brothers

    • kristin

      It even said her brothers were into fishing. LOL Geeze

    • Pamela Woodward Greene

      It also says that she wasn’t allowed to purse acting until she finished high school, but when she won her SAG award last year for Silver Linings Playbook she stated that she got her SAG card when she was 14 for appearing on an MTV show called My Super Sweet 16

      • TBJWebmaster

        Is “purse acting” when you get paid for it?

  • JustAGirlWithAnOpinion

    Miley is just someone looking for attention. And we ALL know how good that is working for her. I wish I could contact her. Maybe I could tell how ridiculously sick she looks and how NOT attractive that is!! Just saying Miles.

    • joe

      It wouldn’t do any good..she would probably laugh at you then twerk on you.

  • guesty

    Emma Stone wasn’t in X-Men: First Class.

  • miley look trashy

    look people miley is just trashy and dont look good doing either

    • Shesheshe

      I love her and find her an excellent singer and performer. She’s growing up and she’s an artist!!

      • luby2883

        Miley Cyrus – Artist? why is it when someone gains stardom with something popular in the teeny bopper world that they’re artists?… Growing up? what she does is so childish and immature! Put your diapers back on kid!
        Now Jennifer Lawrence…that’s a mature young artist with real talent and mature for her age. The way we would like young ladies to present themselves.

        • deputy Malachi McCoy

          Yup she used to be cute & pretty but now wants to look like a dirty slut!!!

      • ladyliberty001

        an excellent singer??? It’s obvious that you are a die hard fan! her singing is mediocre. Let’s just put it like this, if she was to go on the Voice, American Idol, AGT, etc. to get her start “ms. excellent singer” wouldn’t have made it passed audition week, but unfortunately for mankind, her dad was/is in the business. the dude actually has talent. miley on the other hand meh…However, i will give her credit on being a pro on manipulating the media to continue to talk about her. But let’s be totally honest. She cannot act nor can she sing!!! If you ask me she already knows that she has no talent and that is the reason she’s always acting like a fool….

      • cricket

        miley cirus is NO artist…

    • jsavageysn

      You are a hater ,imean do you even know her ,you probably a real hoe

    • Desire Mutch

      Even though a lot of people think her sh** is stupid, weird, whatever, she’s doing something right because she is on the tip of everyones tongue and if that’s not fame, what is? One thing is for sure, she sure was mediocre and boring before.

      • Tea time!

        Put the bong down

      • TBJWebmaster

        “she is on the tip of everyones tongue and if that’s not fame, what is?”

        I can think of a lot of people who class as famous by your definition and who I definitely would NOT want to be associated with.

        What did Hitler, Stalin, Jeffery Dahmer, Timothy Mcveigh do that’s worth admiration? Fame cuts both ways. Miley is famous for being an untalented s1ut who uses sex to substitute for ability.

        Would you want that fame for yourself or (if male) your wife, or your daughter?

        • Desire Mutch

          Well comparing a raunchy pop star to dictators, murders, rapists and terrorists seems just a little extreme.

          It’s all perspective, the vast majority of women who are famous in pop culture are there because of sex appeal and controversy. Let’s not kid ourselves.

          Fame and pop culture are not things that particularly interests me but neither is mediocrity and conformity. If fame was something I sought I would want to be, marry or birth someone like Zooey Deschanel.

      • Sara

        Hey Charles Manson was on the tip of everyones tongue once, so is satan, you see, you can be famous for all the wrong reasons!!! That’s the same fame that Myley Cirus is enjoying right now, the wrong kind!!!

      • Hector Olson

        I agree about that she is mediocre. She can sing, but no better (or worse) than any other “pop” star. i consider her more a performer (think Britney, who is in the same boat). Any other skilled singer could do what she does.
        Fame, I guess she is up there with Paris Hilton and anyone from the Jersey Shore or a reality program. Just another fame hound like Sarah Palin.

      • Judith Robinson

        That my dear is called notorious. I don’t think the younger generation has ever heard of this word before!

  • Chris Humphries

    “Looks like the trio’s relationship lasted beyond X-Men: First Class” – Er, Emma Stone wasn’t in First Class. She was Gwen Stacy in the latest Spiderman attempt…

  • Jade

    Than, not then.

  • sitinin

    This Lawrence kid – who appears to be about 16 years old is trying to live in an adult world & will eventully crash & burn before her time! Disgusting white trash!

    • luby2883

      What planet have you been living on. JLaw for 23 is a very mature young lady with views of her own not copied like Miley from Madonna, Britney, and other great asses.

    • Robin

      You know she’s 23 right? And I don’t see how she’s white trash…

  • joe

    Why is kanye not on the list? He needs a big reality check.

    • luby2883

      not worth the notice. he doesn’t even know he’s “no talent”. and Kardashian covorting, Yuck! what a bunch of—well you know.

  • c k

    Money makes everything OK right?

  • Big Al

    Miley Cyrus looks more and more like Justin Bieber. Is that her goal cause she is getting close.

    • Tabz

      Ah ha ha ha haaa!!! Awesome comment & so true!!

  • Joshua

    What about her plastic surgery? You only said good things…

  • Wasinfilmbiz

    “J-Law” was acting long before she graduated from HS… “Devil You Know,” “Monk,” “Company Town” to name a few early credits…

  • Human just like us

    I thought celebs were human beings like the rest of us !

  • Spc Kenneth Riley


  • dr. junior

    ha i played baseball with her brother way back when…

  • Rob Stumpf

    Thing #8- She’s way overexposed. Enough already.



  • dj H.B

    excuse me growing up doesn’t mean twerking on people’s face and looking disgusting

    • Youguysaretoojudgementallol

      But I’m sorry growing up means having your job, which miley does, being responsible, since when is she not, and being able to do whatever she wants. People grow up differently. People live differently. She enjoys it. Now if you were to ignore her looks and twerking for a bit and listen to her lyrics on her Bangerz album, you’d see she’s not as disgusting and she does what she does because she has ended up hurt after Liam. She’s living her life . Let her do so. Or would you want me to judge every move you make as well? This goes for all people who are commenting negatively about miley cyrus. & this is stupid, I believe, making a list on who needs a reality check talking about how marijuana ruins these people? It doesn’t. People are living their lives. Excuse them for making mistakes & people will excuse you for yours as well. Miley cyrus was never no Hannah Montana or Miley STEWART. She was never who she was in that show if anything that’s who she was FOR THE SHOW. Shes a whole different person. So people can stop judging Miley Cyrus. Since you guys don’t know her. You don’t.

  • Sleep Disney

    you forgot Kanye West

  • the_eaze

    Where’s Kanye and Rihanna?

  • [email protected]

    Jennifer Lawrence is an insecure child hiding behind jokes and gags.Even angels smile when sad.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    I know all I need to since I know she is a good actress and has one of the most BEAUTIFUL BODIES in Hollywood. Jennifer is not afraid to embrace her curves and they are some of the best curves in Hollywood today. She is Beautiful in everything she has been in to date and she looks SEXY even when trying not to. She is always SEXY.

  • HAHAHA, plz

    LMFAO at people calling JL mature. Here’s a few things you really didnt know about her:
    1. she homo/bi/transphobic
    2. she has made fun of people with mental disorders

    3. she fat shames
    4. her entire shtick is “im hot but im not stuck up like those other girls”
    5. She actually shames anorexia instead of the toxic industry that promotes unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards. Oh right, its becuase it’s the same industry that made her famous.
    She is a terrible role model for young girls, and really should be exiled to an island of ignorance with almost all of the commenters here and about 95% of youtube.

  • BamBam

    You write ” Careful planning is an essential part of a successful life in Hollywood.”, implying J-Law is a careful planner. So, although she auditioned for the leads in Twilight & Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, she “planned” on not getting them? Afterall, in your relentless wisdom, you earlier point out that “It all seems so random, but it’s far from it.” Please, I implore you, invest in your employees wisely.

  • Annon1984

    Personally I think Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber should be tied for first place, but that’s just me.

  • Tarah Johnson

    WHY ISN’T LORDE HERE? She needs an attitude adjustment towards her peers! She’s rude as fuck!

  • Elaine Farrell

    IDK… 4 dead teens from taking bad “Molly”… Have wonder if they knew of “Molly” before Miley promoted it in interviews & songs…. She needs to GO AWAY & grow up.

  • MrT

    Most great artists are loathed in their own time.

  • Carol Cantell Moorby


  • Carol Cantell Moorby


  • jeanie

    Something’s wrong with her….. not all there!

  • Trin

    Milla jovovich was a strong female lead 20 years ago no one has been waiting