9 Celebrities With Surprisingly Large Feet



Many celebrities have been accused of being too big for their boots, but some actresses really are. Some of the most beautiful, accomplished and stylish celebrities have actually got rather huge feet!

1. Paris Hilton and the real reason she loves to wear stilettos

Paris Hilton is a big celebrity with even bigger feet – an enormous size 11. Feet are one thing which can’t be changed; it doesn’t matter how rich you are, big feet are still big feet.

She loves stilettos for many reasons, one of them being the fact that they make her feet look smaller.

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  • Skye Garcia

    Wow who ever wrote this article is an idiot. “An enormous size 9″ ? Lol really. That’s not even large. Your feet are proportioned to your height, which is why many models are sizes 9 and up. Guess who ever wrote this must be extremely small and have awkwardly small feet.


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