9 Secret Reasons To Love Pretty Little Liar’s Ian Harding


In honor of all the secrets that keep us coming back for more every Tuesday, here are nine secrets about your favorite good guy turned bad that will only make you love him even more.

1. He’s a Dad

We just broke about a million hearts so let us clarify. He’s a dad to two fur-people – labradoodle puppies Mochi and Bailey.

2. He Loves Music

Taylor Swift, Amos Lee and Lil’ Wayne… oh my! Now that’s an eclectic mix! Ian is a self-proclaimed lover of just about every genre under the sun. You can find Ian’s mix tape selection here.

3. His Dad is an Author

When he’s not teaching, Ezra Fitz is an amateur writer, which makes it even cooler that Ian’s real father, Stephen Harding, is the author of The Last Battle.

4. He’s Interested in Psychology

Ian stated in an interview that if he wasn’t an actor he would have probably gone into psychology. Maybe his character on PLL could benefit from a little therapy!

5. The Ocean Freaks Him Out

That would be strange for a California boy, except Ian was born in Germany and raised in Virginia.

6. He Has a Big Crush on Sofia Vergara

To that we’d just like to say – who doesn’t?

7. He Went to School with His Crazy Ex

Well, it’s the girl who played his crazy ex Jackie in PLL, Paloma Guzman. Also at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama was another show-crazy, Chuck Hittinger, otherwise known as Wren.

8. He’s Close with His Cast

Ian spends a lot of time with Keegan Allen, and YouStream users will already know he’s quite close to Lucy Hale.

9. Troian Was Annoyed by Him

While apparently everyone loved Ian at the casting call, he really got on Troian’s nerves. Eventually though, he won her over.

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