Kanye Gets A Touching Gift From Fan


The story begins like so many Kimye stories do – Kim and Kanye are returning home and there is a battalion of paparazzi in front of their place, stomping over each other for a shot and hopefully a quote.

Only this time, the story takes a touching turn.

Namely, amongst all these paparazzi is a fan of Kanye’s who also happens to be an artist of sorts. He presents his latest work to the rapper and it is a painting of Kanye’s mom Donda holding North, her granddaughter that she never had the chance to meet since she died before North was born. Kanye cannot keep his appreciation for the act under wraps and he accepts the painting.

If we were being nasty like we sometimes (often) are, we would mention that the painting is not really a masterpiece but since it is such a touching story, we won’t.


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