Katt Williams Brawls With Teenager


What’s going on with Katt Williams? The comedian has been in the news a lot recently. He was just accused of attacking several women in his Malibu home and breaking one’s ribs.

Then there was the news that he was apparently holding his bodyguard hostage. And there’s also the story of him allegedly fighting rapper Beanie Sigel after a show in Philadelphia. But this might be the strangest of all. A video just went viral of Williams getting into a fight with a teenager and getting his butt handed to him.

The video clearly shows that the celebrity threw the first punch too, but didn’t have much success after that. The video ends with Katt trying to get out of a vicious chokehold that the teenage boy put him in. Chalk up another “L” for the troubled comedian. What are you doing, Katt? Someone get this man some help.

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