Kim Kardashian Puts Her Booty On Display For Milestone

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Kim Kardashian often says how she is not famous because of her body and her former cinematic works of a more adult variety, but for someone who is so adamant about her skills and talents, she sure knows how to play her sexuality.

Like, for instance, in the photo that she decided to share with her followers on Instagram once they reached the magical number of 27 million. Yep, there are 27 million people following Kim’s butt on Instagram and she has celebrated this milestone in style.

She put on some really sleazy lingerie which combines leopard print and red and she is showing off her cleavage and her booty. It is her booty that is taking center stage and it is truly the trademark Kardashian way to celebrate everything.

The photo was accompanied by Kim’s exclamations of excitement and gratitude, “27 mil on Instagram!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!”

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