Macaulay Culkin To Start Band That Sings Billy Joel Covers About Cats


The Pizza Underground frontman Macaulay Culkin is starting a new band that will probably outshine his current music project that is known for parodying Velvet Underground songs.

Namely, the once planetary famous child actor plans to dedicate his new band to Billy Joel covers about cats.  And on top of that, the band will be named Pussy Joel.

Basically, after smash hits such as ‘’I’m Beginning To Eat The Slice,” “All The Pizza Parties,” and “Pizza Gal,” Culkin is taking things to another level because, you know, the Internet really loves cats.

Vanyaland says that this could all be a joke, but no one expected a Velvet Underground band about pizzas but it’s still out there.

Also, when Culkin told fans at Pizza Underground’s show in Boston about Pussy Joel, he handed out pizza slices to everyone in the audience. Talk about class.

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