Selena Gomez Admits To Questioning Her Sexuality


Selena Gomez has been through a lot over the last couple of years and has been the subject of a lot of media scrutiny. That’s why it’s great to see her getting some of those things off her chest now.

Recently, she talked about all of the media speculations about her being in rehab for drugs or alcohol while she was actually going through chemotherapy after being diagnosed with Lupus.

This week she opened up about her sexuality. While she is definitely straight, Gomez said that there was a point in time during which she questioned her sexuality.

She said that this is something that everyone goes through, adding that it is a healthy process that allows you to get to know yourself better.

She was also asked about how she felt when everyone in the media assumed that she was having a relationship with Cara Delevigne. Gomez said that she was fine with it and added that it was actually exhilarating.

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