Shia LaBeouf Arrested In Austin


Shia LaBeouf has been weird these last few years and we never could put our finger quite on why he was acting so strange. Was he being weird to attract attention or was he being weird because he is, well, weird? After the news of his arrest in Austin, Texas, we are definitely leaning towards him actually being the honest kind of weird.

Okay, there is nothing particularly strange about getting drunk with your friends in Texas and getting stopped by the police. We’ve all done that, or at least those of us who were to Texas. The strange thing is shouting all kinds of inconsequential stuff at the police officer, trying to avoid arrest.

For instance, shouting that your friend had been killed by the Los Angeles Police Department and demanding that Austin police let you go on the grounds of this. Or yelling that you are a proud member of the National Guard when you obviously are not. Or calling the cop “a silly man”.

What are you, English?

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