21 Actors You Might Not Have Known Were Republicans


2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Despite all of the reticence out there, there is still plenty of conservative blood to be found in “La La Land.” Believe it or not, WWE pro wrestler and actor “The Rock” is known to bleed Red politically as well. Sometimes you have to dig for the truth, read between the lines, find the inferences.

When all else fails, check the voter registries — the paper trail is there. You might be surprised to learn about some of the actors, actresses, musicians and celebrities that have supported the GOP in recent years. Dwayne Johnson is one of the 21 conservative actors and actresses to make this rarified list.

The BET website reports that “The Rock” was invited to speak at the 2000 election campaign and endorsed Republican candidate George W. Bush during his two election campaigns, and has also attended a number of Republican National Conventions.

While you would think politics would be the last thing to be associated with a pro wrestler, it seems that Jesse “The Body” Ventura changed all of that for good when he ran for governor of Minnesota in 1999 — and WON. He went on to serve as the state’s 38th governor, in effect, setting a sort of precedent for all WWE wrestlers to follow. While Ventura was an Independent and did not serve a second term, apparently, the stage was set for other wrestlers to become more open about their political beliefs.

While Ventura did not star in so many movies as “The Rock” has, he did go on to a television career as both a political pundit and the host of the TruTV documentary show, “Conspiracy Theory.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may keep his political views closer to the vest than Jesse Ventura now does, but records show evidence of his support for Republican issues, causes and candidates — George W. Bush in particular.

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