20 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want To Work With


5. Russell Crowe

This actor has made quite a name for himself with his drunken fights, threatening to kill movie producers during phone calls in the middle of the night, and insulting people on Twitter. His eccentric personality has involved him in foot races with the film crews, “fun” trips off set during filming and many more interesting shenanigans. He also angered George Clooney after he criticized his appearances in TV commercials, calling him a sellout. Clooney replied:

“Dude, the only people who succeed when two famous people are fighting is People magazine. What is wrong with you?”

We hope he actually learned something from Clooney.
“When you read it in black and white it sounds like I was being ridiculously aggressive, but one of the main misunderstandings is that I’ve been sold as an angry person and that’s just not true.

I like to put a lot of effort into what I do and that comes with a certain amount of energy, especially when you’re weary and it requires you to dig deep inside yourself…

I certainly have a temper that can flare up, but having a temper is a completely different thing from being an angry person,” Russell explained.

Crowe said in an interview with the Telegraph that his bad temper and even worse manners have been well blown out of proportions in the media.
He thinks he’s not a diva and he’s certainly not the mean guy he’s been portrayed as.

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