10 Celebrities Who Have Been Under The Knife Of A Plastic Surgeon


Plastic surgery has changed the celebrity world forever. What started as a small and mostly corrective industry has transformed into multi-billion dollar industry that chews and spits out thousands of new celebs each year.

Some of the procedures went well, some went horrifyingly bad, but the important thing is that they happened. At least to the celebrities, so stay with us as we start our count-down of 10 Celebs who decided to visit a plastic surgeon:

1.Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, a very tall and beautiful woman that once was on a cover of every magazine has the most surprising story of them all. She famously entered the so called “Frozen Face” club along with other actors who used so much botox that they lost their ability to make facial expressions. But this didn’t stop Nicole as she only switched to roles of cold and calculated women.

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