21 Celebrities Who Were In The Army


Some of these were obliged to join the military, some of them decided to on their own, while some opted for it instead of going to prison. Most people go through a lot while serving their country and these celebrities coped with it in various ways. From sinking ships to sleeping during duty, we’ve got a bunch of interesting stuff for you here.

Let’s see who made the list!

1. Chuck Norris

It doesn’t come as such a big surprise that old Chuck has seen his share of military training. Being one of Hollywood’s ultimate badasses, Norris joined the United States Air Force in 1958, and then served as an Air Policeman in South Korea. He describes the experience as “unforgettable” and values it greatly to this day. He goes on to say that it has taught him the basics of discipline and opened his eyes about the world.

One interesting detail he values the most is when he got the chance to observe the locals practicing martial arts. He had broken his shoulder during the first week of training, and was on a walk when he noticed the villagers performing spinning heel kicks. He was amazed by the sight and asked his judo instructor, Master Ahn, whether he could teach him. The art was called Tang Soo Do, and by the time he left Korea, Chuck had a black belt in it and a brown belt in judo. Hardcore.

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