21 Celebrities Who Put Minnesota On The Map


When we think about celebrities and famous people, we somehow always have the feeling that they are either from New York City or Los Angeles. Perhaps Chicago, Boston or somewhere in Texas, but that’s it. We never think that some of our most beloved celebs could be from states like Minnesota.

Well, there are plenty of celebs who hail from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and who have made the American popular culture richer and more amazing with their work. So, who are these famous Minnesotans?

1. Bob Dylan

When people talk about music of the 20th century 300 years from now (if humans are still around by that time, that is), they will remember maybe five names. One of those names will be Bob Dylan – that is how important he has been for American music, American pop culture (he’d probably throw up reading this) and music in general.

He’s been around for more than five decades, selling more than a hundred million records, laying down the soundtrack for the Civil Rights movement, but above all, making amazing music. And this is, ironically, the part of his career that most people forget about – his incredible songs.

Well, Bob is a Minnesotan. He was born in Duluth and grew up in Hibbing. His family hails from Odessa, which was a part of the Russian Empire at that time, but Dylan is a Minnesotan.

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