These Are The Nicest Stars In Hollywood


Sure, it’s always more interesting to read the dirt on your favorite celebrities, but sometimes you just have to acknowledge that some of your most beloved celebrities are actually quite nice people.

Today, we are all about that. We are all about letting you know which celebrities are really, really nice and always ready to do something for their fans, the people they work with and the rest of the world.

Today, we are being nice too.

1. Matt Damon

Matt Damon has had quite a career. If you remember, he won that surprising Oscar for co-writing Good Will Hunting with his buddy Affleck (who probably won’t make it on our list, btw) and then continued showing off his acting skills in innumerable movies.

Besides being a great actor, Matt is also a really nice guy who has shown over and over again that he wants to give back. He is the co-founder of an organization dedicated to bringing clean water to developing world – He also supports the ONE Campaign which fights poverty and AIDS in developing countries.

In addition to this, he founded Not On Our Watch with costars from Ocean’s 11. This organization brings attention to atrocities committed around the world.

On top of all that, everyone says he’s a great husband and dad.

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