Actress Bella Thorne Comes Out As Bisexual


Despite the fact that she is only 18 years old, actress Bella Thorne is one mature lady.

Celebrities tend to hide their sexuality or avoid questions about it, but Thorne did quite the opposite. Rumors have been circling over the last month about her being bisexual, and then someone asked her on Twitter if she was. And Thorne said “Yes.”

So there you go, Bella Thorne is bisexual. The rumor started because of a photograph that was recently leaked on the Internet. In that photo, Thorne was clearly kissing a woman, whose identity is not known.

Thorne also just broke up with Gregg Sulkin, her 24-year-old boyfriend of over a year. The former couple actually released a statement together saying that they had broken up. They made sure to stress that the split was completely amicable and that they are still on great terms and will always love each other.

It’s great to see that the former Disney star is handling the spotlight so well and that she isn’t having problems being open about her sexuality and relationships.

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