Tim Burton – The Evolution Of The Bizarre

Have you ever imagines Michael Keaton as Cap’n Jack Sparrow or the Mad Hatter? We all saw the former Tim Burton’s go-to star still has it in his role of Adrian “Scissor-Wings” Toomes (some people also call him “the Vulture” of all things, can you imagine?).

Meeting Johnny Depp really made Tim Burton’s career take a significant turn in his everlasting exploration of the bizarre and the dark Gothic subgenre. Their on-screen relationship resulted in a wide range of flicks ranging from superb one-of-a-kind masterpieces to average and forgettable.

The announcement of Beetlejuice 2 gave us a perfect opportunity to take a look back at Tim Burton’s career in its entirety and how it evolved over time. Watch our video to learn how an artistic 13-year-old got from making 8 mm films in his backyard to one of the most recognized and eccentric directors and producers of today.

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