21 Dirtiest Stars Ever


Every time we see them in movies or music videos, celebrities look impeccable. They are nothing short of breathtaking at Hollywood events and their Instagram pictures serve as a reminder that they are even perfect in real life. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like all people, celebrities sometimes forget to wear deodorant, brush their teeth or wash their favorite clothes. Their houses are not always clean, their wardrobe is not immune to stains and they are not exempt from greasy hair, bad breath and strong body odor.

Some celebrities take poor hygiene habits to extremes and refuse to take a bath for days on end, wash their clothes once in a blue moon and avoid deodorant like the plague. These 21 celebrities are, without a doubt, the dirtiest stars in Hollywood who really need to change their personal hygiene practices:

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

It appears that Hollywood’s favorite couple is not as perfect as everyone might have thought. Even though they may seem like they have it all, one thing they definitely lack is personal hygiene.

America’s sweethearts allegedly think humans don’t need to bathe that often and apparently hit the shower once every week. One of their housekeepers revealed that they are not fans of hygiene products and disgustedly described how Brangelina live. She called them a couple of hobos and said that dirty clothes, pizza boxes and leftovers are everywhere to be found and that their walls are covered in children’s drawings.

If the housekeeper’s story wasn’t enough, there are also reports that some fellow actors have complained of Brad’s smell. To be precise, while filming Inglorious Bastards, the movie star smelled so bad that Eli Roth had to teach him how to use baby wipes in order to mask his strong body odor.

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