This Year’s MTV Movie Awards Did Not Disappoint


One of the best things about MTV today is their awards shows. They are always a bit different from what you’d expect an awards show to be, meaning that they are usually pretty racy and also downright hilarious.

And this year, the MTV Movie Awards were no different. One thing that was different was that the show was filmed outdoors instead of in a Hollywood theater. There’s also the fact that it was first filming on Saturday and then broadcast on Sunday.

The hosts were great. It was a tag team of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and comedian Kevin Hart. And since the airing was not live, both of them really let loose when it came to language. We can’t remember the last time we heard so much swearing at one of these events.

Another great thing about the awards is always the red carpet fashion. Take a look at internet meme and celebrity Baddiewinkle‘s ensemble to see what we mean. And there was the intentional wardrobe malfunction of actor Alexander Skarsgård, who showed up on stage in his underwear. All in all, it was worth staying up for on a Sunday night.

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