Someone Is Making Harrison Ford Relive “The Fugitive”


In case you are too young to remember The Fugitive, do yourself a favor and set aside two hours to see this movie. Right now. It is one of those superb 1990s thrillers that Hollywood just doesn’t make these days, with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones doing their things in style.

In the movie, Harrison’s character gets accused of killing his wife. He spends the rest of the film denying the accusation in some really exciting and death-defying ways. He even dyes his hair. It’s just great.

Well, it seems that one of our favorite celebrities ever is now being forced to relive the movie in real life as his police record apparently features an arrest report for hitting his spouse and possession of drugs. The good news is that pretty much everyone is aware that the report is bogus and that someone is trying to set up Han Solo. How dare they!?

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