Paul Walker’s Daughter Gets $10 Million From Car Crash Driver’s Estate


Meadow Walker, the 17-year-old daughter of late celebrity Paul Walker, is going to get $10.1 million in reparations from the estate of Roger Rodas, who was the man driving the car that fatally crashed and killed both him and Walker.

Paul Walker, known as the star of the very popular and profitable “Fast and Furious” film franchise, died in November 2013. Rodas was driving a Porsche in which Walker was seated in the passenger seat. The sports car crashed and killed both of them. According to Meadow Walker‘s lawyer, $10.1 million is only a fraction of the money that Walker would have potentially earned as a world famous actor if he had lived longer.

But the legal battle is far from over. Meadow is also going after Porsche. Her legal team plans on holding the company accountable for the death of her father, stating that manufacturer defects led to the fatal crash.

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