21 Celebs Who Died In Car Crashes


Every day, more than 3,000 people die in car accidents around the world. Naturally, celebrities also lose their lives in this manner. Strangely enough though, nearly half of celebrities who die in car crashes are actually English soccer players.

Still, car crashes have killed some really famous and talented people over the years and we just had to honor them all with a list.

1. Princess Diana

The death of Princess Diana is probably the most infamous car accident in the last 50-odd years. Even people who couldn’t care less about the British Royal family and their escapades were shaken by the news of Diana’s death. For some reason, it was a truly momentous event that has stayed with most people.

The accident took place in Paris on 31 August 1997. Besides Diana, the car accident also claimed lives of her friend Dodi Fayed (whose father is still convinced the accident was no accident) and the driver Henri Paul.

A long and comprehensive investigation was conducted by the French police and it concluded that the driver was drunk and lost control over the vehicle. The paparazzi that were initially blamed were officially exonerated, but the incident is something that will always be on the occupation’s conscience, so to say.

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