21 Celebrities Who Are Crazy About Their Pets


Pet owners will agree with us that their cats and dogs bring a lot of joy to their world and are basically a source of unlimited happiness. Well, these 21 celebrities are also completely and utterly in love with their pets and can’t imagine life without their furry, four-legged friends.

We’ll start this list with the craziest cat celebrities out there, and then proceed to talk about the most famous dog lovers in the world.

Here are 21 stars who really, really love their pets:

1. Taylor Swift

Pop sensation Taylor Swift is not only one of the most popular and loved singers of our time, she is also the ultimate cat lover. Though Taylor may not seem like your typical crazy cat lady, looks can be deceiving. She is the proud owner of an adorable Scottish Fold Meredith who is named after the character Meredith Grey from Swift’s fav TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

Taylor, who shares Meredith’s pictures and videos on social networks on a regular basis, brought the kitten home on Halloween 2011. The two immediately bonded and have become as inseparable as possible for a human who travels a lot and a feline who is naturally afraid of traveling. It appears that they have managed to overcome their differences, though, as Meredith actually often accompanies Taylor on her tours.

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