21 Celebs Who Were Once Broke And Homeless


Sure, you might have heard lots of rags to riches stories about right and famous people who came from poverty. But there are even some big celebs that were literally on skid row at one point in their lives.

Believe it or not, here is a list of 21 celebrities that were homeless at one point in their lives before achieving worldwide success.

1. Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner’s story is so well known and incredible that a movie was made out of it. If you have seen the movie The Pursuit of Happiness,” this is a movie that depicts the story of Gardner’s life living on the streets with a young child while attending a finance training program. Will Smith starred as Gardner in that movie, and it is a very touching story.

Gardner has also written two bestsellers, which have made him rich and famous. However, before he made it to the top, he was living in the streets, and not only that, so was his young son. His childhood was very difficult. Not only did he deal with poverty, but also domestic violence, alcoholism and sexual abuse. He is now a motivational speaker and the CEO of Gardner Rich LLC. The company has offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Gardner’s story was definitely fit for a movie and quite unbelievable in every aspect.

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