21 Celebs Who Were Once Broke And Homeless


2. Jewel

This famous singer was once living on the street after she got fired from a part-time job. According to Jewel, she was working a job at the time that she didn’t like. Her boss made sexual advances, which she rejected. And because of that, she was fired and not given her final paycheck.

She ended up getting kicked out of her apartment because she couldn’t pay the rent and spent some time living in her car. Jewel said that she almost died in the parking lot of a hospital, because she had kidney problems but did not have any insurance.

The singer and songwriter spent about a month on the streets, with no home to live in. Eventually, she decided to continue with her singing career and stay away from dead end jobs. Thankfully, everything turned out well for the talented Jewel, who went on to become a platinum selling singer during the 1990s.

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