21 Celebrities Who Are Crazy About Their Pets


2. Ed Sheeran

There’s this common stereotype that cats are girly pets and that men who own them are simply not masculine enough. Well, we don’t need to point out just how stupid this sounds, and we are delighted that Ed Sheeran agrees.

One of Britain’s most talented musicians, who also happens to be Taylor Swift’s best friend, is one of the loudest cat advocates in the world. He doesn’t have a problem with wearing fabulous sweaters with cats and he definitely doesn’t mind when reporters ask him to do a cat-erview (New Zealand, you are awesome).

This is all pretty sweet, but nothing can ever top the fact that he adopted a month-old kitten who was about to be put down. He named the little ball of fur Graham, introduced him to social media and won the hearts of pretty much every girl in the world.

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