21 Celebrities Who Struggled With Depression


We tend to think that celebrities don’t have any reason to be sad, unhappy or depressed because they have it all. But life and happiness are not just about money and good fortune. Many celebs deal with the same things regular people deal with, and depression is one of those things.

Here are some famous people who battled depression in their lives.


Ashley Judd is a highly successful and appreciated actress today, known for her roles in movies such as Kiss The Girls, Insurgent, Double Jeopardy, Norma Jean & Marilyn, High Crimes and many more while her role in the TV series Missing earned her an Emmy nomination. She is also a dedicated humanitarian, concentrated on topics such as AIDS and women’s rights.

However, Judd’s life hasn’t always been easy. Her 2011 memoir revealed that she had struggled with depression several times in her life. When she was in sixth grade, she attempted suicide. In 2006, she spent 47 days in a rehabilitation facility in Texas, where she was treated for severe depression, suicidal tendencies, insomnia, and codependency. She said on several occasions that her stint in rehab actually saved her life. Nowadays, she copes with her tendency toward depression through her acting career, humanitarian work and building stronger relations with her family.

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