21 Celebrities Who Aged Really Well


Our culture is a superficial one, obsessed with youth and physical appearance. There can be no debate about that. Sure, in 30 years things might be different, but today, the way things are, we are still the same old bunch that loves nothing more than discussing what someone looks like these days.

And since we’ve always seen ourselves as crowd-pleasers here at CelebZen, that is exactly what we will be doing today. We will be looking at some of our favorite celebs that have aged really well and who prove that both men and women can be super sexy even after they have reached a certain age.

1. George Clooney

Ask any woman in the world (obviously men too) and they will tell you that Clooney is among the most charming men that have ever graced the silver screen.

And he really is that old-school type of leading man, classically handsome, always dressed to the T and never too shy to rock that trademark smile of his. You get the feeling that he is always in a tuxedo when the clock strikes 6 and that he always wraps the day up with a nice scotch, possibly in a dim-lit reading room.

The weirdest thing about Georgie Boy is that he is sexier and more attractive these days when he is in his mid-50s than when he was 20. He was rough round the edges back then and was still trying to find the look that works for him.

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