21 Celebrities Who Aged Really Well


2. Demi Moore

While we’re on the subject of celebs that look hotter at 50 than at 20, we would have to be crazy not to mention Demi Moore. Sure, there are people who will argue that she was a beauty back in the day too, and she was, but these days, she just has that refinement and class she lacked back then.

Demi has entered her 50s and she is not showing it one bit. We are guessing she has one of those faces that just do not seem to age and we also believe she works hard for her great looks. And there is nothing wrong with that. When you don’t really have a day job, what else is there to do? In any case, no one can deny that Demi looks spectacular for her age and the best thing is that she knows how to use it to bag some young meat, too.

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