21 Actors You Might Not Have Known Were Republicans


While Hollywood is well known for being the land of the liberals, not all actors and celebrities are pulling the same lever at the voting booth. The Republican Party is still very much alive and well in Hollywood, often to the chagrin of the Democratic-leaning actors that tend to dominate the industry. Here are 21 actors you might be surprised to learn are Republicans:

1. Vince Vaughn

This A-list actor and the former flame of A-lister Jennifer Aniston may not be all that vocal about it, but when it comes to his political leanings, Vaughn appears to bleed red with fellow Republicans. Do celebrity endorsements really mean that much to a presidential candidate in terms of votes?

It’s hard to say; but regardless, a lot of Hollywood Republicans tend to hide their stripes. Many hope for the day when they can speak their minds about their conservative views without a fear of career reprisal. For now, Vince Vaughn remains one of the more reticent Republican actors — except for some telltale signs about his political leanings.

According to a USA Today article, Vaughn’s “Wedding Crashers” co-star Owen Wilson confirmed Vaughn’s formerly hidden conservative views when he revealed that Vaughn tried to get into a Republican event with him back in 2004. (Wilson is a Republican as well.) The event was held at a conference room in the hotel where they were staying while filming “Wedding Crashers,” and it was geared toward the young Republican crowd in Texas. As the story goes, Wilson was allowed to come into the room and join in on the event, but Vaughn was not.

By all accounts, including Wilson’s, Vince Vaughn’s desire to join in on the event was 100% sincere. However, because he is normally so private and hush-hush about his political leanings, the event organizers assumed that he was putting them on and opted not to trust his insistence that he backs the Red Elephant. After the snafu, Vaughn reportedly received an invitation to the White House, a private tour and got to meet then-President Bush.

This story serves to substantiate rumors that Vaughn does, indeed, lean toward the right in his political orientation. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Congress of Republicans is striving to create a Hollywood atmosphere where being an open, outspoken, proud Republican can be safe and acceptable both personally and professionally.

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