20 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want To Work With


Making a movie can be a very stressful undertaking. Sometimes people lose their temper and other times some actors are just plain nasty to play with. If you ever make it to Hollywood, you may want to think twice before working with this list of artists.

1. Val Kilmer

This troubled actor reportedly walked off the set of his first job. It was a commercial for hamburgers when he was only 12 years old. Kilmer famously came head to head with director Joel Schumacher, who told him that his poor treatment of the crew was unacceptable.
Long ago, Val Kilmer was a promising actor in the Hollywood arena. And yet, every director he has ever worked with has something very nasty to say about him, which has likely led to the state of his career being barely a career nowadays.

He has his friends, fans, and defenders, of course – those who still believe he was once truly and honestly dedicated to his acting. They assume his bad temper has manifested,and later escalated, only as a result of his frustrations with many incompetent filmmakers.

He also might be slightly insane, given his flamboyant spirit and going a bit wild and loud in interviews, which certainly hasn’t helped his image.

Furthermore, there are all those ex-wives and ex-lovers who have gone on the record to let everybody know how crazy this guy can be.

His most famous outburst happened during the making of Batman Forever, where Kilmer allegedly had a very serious fight with Joel Schumacher. Whatever the cause for this meltdown was, judging by the movie, we may say we are on Kilmer’s side here.

“There’s a dark side to Val that I don’t feel comfortable talking about,” said screenwriter Kevin Jarre.

Did you know that he turned down Patrick Swayze’s role in Dirty Dancing (1987) because he didn’t want to be seen as a “hunk”?

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  • Chris M

    I worked with Katherine Heigel last month and found her to be wonderful.

    • ColoMom

      B.S. And I wrote the original Star Wars!!!

    • jaybob

      yeah, worked on a horizontal mamba ! lolol

    • britain

      Diddling yourself to her picture doesn’t count as real work.

      • my$0.02cents

        To “britain”: That’s really rude and inappropriate

        • Hazozat

          You’re dumb.

      • herp derp

        That gave me a good laugh! xD

      • MalloryKnoxx

        I didn’t wanna laugh at this but I couldn’t help it…sorry, Chris.

  • rick

    I know steven seagul is a very nice guy.if any one got kicked in the nuts and get in his way. I pity them. With steven , he is the star. The man deserves that much . If yr nice to him he will be nice to you. Simple. I would be proud to call him a friend.

    • Phill A. Sheeo

      He gets a lot of crap but is super nice in reality. Most of these stories are way out of context. The man can jam some sweet notes on his guitar as well.

      • Asuigeneris1

        Tell that to the wives that he used to hit. :P

        • Phill A. Sheeo

          Hey, I tried. :D

    • CabezaQueso

      in what world is that fat load a star?

    • 0utsp0ken

      Star? What in his own head? According to him he is a reincarnated 17th century Tibetan lama. Personally I think he might be closer to a llama. What a tool!

    • jbeezz

      He’s a bloated egomaniac.

      • Evan

        Hey, he always speaks well of you! LOL

    • Julia

      I had a VERY different experience with him that involved him throwing a pen at me in my face when I asked for an autograph. I was 8.
      Maybe things are different with him now, but 20 years ago he was anything but nice from my experience. I’m aware I bothered him in public but at that age you don’t really have an understanding of what celebrities in public go though. If I saw a celebrity in public now, I wouldn’t approach them at all out of respect for their privacy.

      • Laurie Merrigan

        OMG that is awful to do to an eight year old. Im so sorry that happened to you

    • Stelbean

      Steven Segal is a POS. I hate him.

  • Terry Shannon

    Wow, only a sentence or two to convince the reader how horrible these people are. Couldn’t be bothered to write a whole paragraph? I guess the people who write this dross have the attention span of a goldfish. As does anyone reading this crap and forming an actual opinion based on it.

    • jbeezz

      Why are you here reading this “dross”?

    • tangledvine

      You spent a lot of words responding to what you consider drivel.

    • Terry Yousuck

      Wow Terry! Just wow! Now get a different life.

    • TheRoosh

      ….and you were the first to comment. Congrat to you Sir/Madam …. congrats, indeed!

    • Darth Rant

      Don’t need much more for some i.e. Katherine Heigl; her attitude is well-known and a matter of public record.

    • KayKay

      This is very true. I mean you read about Katherine Heigl here and think what a bitch. You do a simple google search and you find that she is actually a genuine person who speaks her mind blatantly, which can be strange, I admit, in the show business and the nonchalant fakery of Hollywood we have got so accustomed to.

      • Str8shooter

        Wouldn’t you just be basing your conclusion about her then based on a DIFFERENT article???

        I had the misfortune of working on two different film sets that she worked on. Trust me. Everything you hear about this woman and her nasty Momager are true.

      • ash429

        She’s a well documented rude individual and a hypocrite. She bashes Knocked Up for being sexist AFTER she receives her paycheck for doing it. What a joke. Then proceeds to star in movies like The Ugly Truth, which is MUCH more sexist than Knocked Up on so many levels. She’s not about actual principles, she just says things to stir up controversy and then takes whatever movie role offered. It’s pretty transparent.

        • dragons3

          She had a reputation for being difficult even before she started making movies. When she was on “Roswell” there were a number of reports of her just not showing up for work when she didn’t like what she was being asked to do. Re Anniston — if wanting to eat alone is the worst thing that can be said about someone, then it seems to me that they must be pretty easy to work with.

    • mercedes Doran

      Mercedes Doran.Looks like you are like the rest. You are here reading what people say. Yo
      u are no different . You also have the attention span of a goldfish.

  • broncosgirly311

    One of the reasons you listed Val Kilmer is because of something he did when he was 12?!?!?! REALLY? *gasp* he walked off the commercial set when he was 12? How dare he! He must be a horrible man because of it! I understand he was reportedly rude to crew members and, yeah, that sucks…but seriously, something he did when he was a kid should hardly matter. I’m sure whoever put this article together was a SAINT (see what I did there? Ha!) when they were 12…

    • Helz

      Apparently when he worked on The Island of Dr. Moreau he put out his cigarette on a man’s face. Kinda harsh.

      • Jerome Johnson

        The cigarette?

      • my0.02cents

        And of course we know that as true because you were actually there and witnessed this?

        • Capital7

          No, we know it because it was widely reported at the time, and many people have spoken about it who were there. So, you don’t believe in Russia or Saturn because you’ve never been there. It must be fun to be you.

        • Ninety3rd

          Even Marlon Brando got fed up with Val on set. (Actually, on “boat” during that scene together. Grabbed Val’s sat phone and threw it into the sea.)

    • goodforlaughs

      Kilmer used to own property in northern New Mexico. The townspeople still HATE his guts for the way he abused the land on the Pecos River.

      • Laura Parker

        goodforlaughs–I was going to mention this as well. And unlike Patrick Swayze, whose ranch employees couldn’t say enough good things about him, Val Kilmer’s employees couldn’t move on fast enough. He is an egotistical ass, who thinks he is a god or something. When he suggested that he was going to run for governor I almost peed my pants laughing. There are not enough people in New Mexico who like you or think you have anything to offer, to elect you to park dog-crap scooper, Val!

        • Love em or leave em alone

          Geez you people…I like or love actors for the passion the bring to their roles…not easy living in the lime light with everyone in your face 24/7. It’s none of our business what they do in their private lives…making them an “underdog” just makes me like them all the more. Love you guys, love the drama and the way you bring your characters to life! Thank you all for the “drama”!!!

        • victorbarney

          Yeah, look at active Marxist actor of the past Humphrey Bogart…

        • Raul

          Bro,actors have a responsibility w/ the community. If you are “famous and rich” thanks to the people,the least you can do is give back not be an egotistical ass-hole!

        • Contrarian

          But most of the comments here are about how they act in public! No, it’s not easy being in the public eye, but it’s a life they chose.

        • Debbie Watson

          We never said they didn’t make some good movies Love em or leave em alone.The fans is what makes them and the poor fellow actors that have to work with the dickheads. So in your opinion as long as they make good movies that can be rude and treat people like crap. What planet are living on?

        • S.

          Oh Patrick Swayze seemed like a really good guy.

        • red

          and HOT

        • carrie

          Good guy with huge alcohol problems : it’s why after Ghost’s and Dirty Dancing’s success,he worked so little

        • Debbie Watson

          Loved the late Patrick Swayze and have always heard really nice things about him.

        • Nia M.

          I heard nasty stories about Val .

    • Keri Wilhelm

      I’ve heard he isn’t a nice guy

      • pickin’ lint

        We all wish you wouldn’t get so verbose, Keri. You ‘always’ do this!! ;-)

    • Tommyboy

      I’m sure the authors “Kilmer when he was 12 story” was to set the stage for future bad conduct.

  • Vernon Alarcon

    kilmer has always been an arsehole and now he’s a fugly, swollen one…

    • Nia M.

      That is why his film career bombed . Val’s ex-girlfriend , Cindy Crawford , talked about how high maintenance he is .

  • Mark Stouffer

    And yet these are some of the best actors. I guess you don’t make great movies by being chummy with the crew?

  • Nikki

    Russell Crowe is not a bad guy to work with. Everyone he worked with in Les Mis said he was a great guy and lots of fun to work with. Sure he’s had some issues but that was YEARS ago. He’s actually quite charming and funny. When asked who he would like to have a beer with, Aaron Tveit answered (without hesitation), “Russell Crowe”. I think that says a lot…especially if you know Aaron Tveit.

    • Mickey Logan

      I don’t. Who??

    • name

      your point is beautiful. especially the last part about aaron. anyone who knows of the guy knows that he wouldn’t hang around anyone if they were an asshole.
      personally i think russell is a total babe

      • Sally Sue

        We had to stop what we were doing so he could walk by. Never had that happen on a set before in 25 yrs. Also he hit my friend once for not doing his hair correctly.

    • carrie

      Russel did a movie in France in 2005 with Ridley Scott
      During the filming,he often went with some technicians to the PMU ( french pub) to drink beers and watch rugby matchs.He also paid many beers .
      I even was on the set because my uncle worked in the PMU and he asked to a technician if his kids were authorized to visit the set

    • Danny Bigelow

      The people who worked on “Master and Commander” said he was great to work with.

    • koblog

      Sad that America has to get its leading men from Australia because our leading (young) men are pretty-boy wusses.

      • Daiseymae

        I love Russell Crowe!

  • Greenstaridy

    I’m surprised Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen were not on the list.

    • lisamatlock

      I’m surprised Meg Ryan wasn’t on this list.

    • BigEb

      …they should have been #1 and #2…though the people who made this list probably were avoiding to list their names…

  • Carolyn Foot

    Knocked up WAS kinda sexist though, in the way that it followed the general stereotype that women are uptight and humourless and men are fun loving and easy-going. At least, if not sexist, it was annoying to watch.

    • diablo135

      So even though the male character was a lazy, drug addicted jobless guy, it was sexist to females? Can’t it just be that it was a bad movie and leave it at that?

    • ExJAG

      How about this interpretation: society today gives men a complete pass, expects nothing of them (unless they have the bad luck to be forced to pay child support), and allows them to bed as many women as they can, meanwhile, the bedded women may get pregnant, and have to become real adults for the sake of the child – becaus it’s the woman who ends up with the full responsibility of parenthood. Today’s young men are largely grown little boys. I guess my chief grievance is why on earth women put up with this. Expect more, and you’ll get more. Meanwhile, maybe the old classic morals and customs had a purpose.

      • Rbjk Rbjk

        …and today most young women act like whores and talk like sailors. Not to mention their “I’m God’s gift to men” attitudes. What ever happened to being/acting like a lady? Hmm, guess that’s gone the way of the Dodo.

        As for today’s society, all the media and Hollywood do is belittle or emasculate men, portraying them as weak, arrogant, and mentally inferior compared with the cocky female characters. Give me a break about the “sexist male” b.s. That’s a two-way street, honey.

        • Sydney Bixter

          Really? ALL the media does is emasculate men? Give me a break. I don’t know what you’re watching but you’re completely off base. Most writers and directors are men, and many movies have no significant female characters. There are tons of articles discussing the stats on this.

          There’s also a difference between fulfilling your duties as a parent, and behaving in a way that is in line with expectations for your gender. ExJAG’s comment was extreme, but you obviously have the same negative attitude towards women as she (or he) does towards men.

          You might not feel that men are so emasculated if you didn’t have such a narrow criteria of what makes someone a man. But you know what is emasculating, and undermines ANY person’s credibility–man or woman? Making yourself out to be a victim.

        • Anthony Taylor

          Yes the number of female music stars that dot the landscape and outnumber the male stars in press, coverage, endorsements and awards really shows how women are underrepresented. 80% of the entertainment shows are about female celebrities from music to movies to television to even reality and the highest paid actor on television in 2013 was a woman Sofia Vergara. Men have become an after thought in todays media so women really don’t have anything to complain about anymore.

        • ash429

          So because the highest paid actor on TV in 2013 was a woman that means that men experience more sexism? Please, do not make me laugh.Look at the number of female vs. male directors. Look at the number of male vs. female award winners in the Oscar categories of director, writer, etc. And what is Sofia Vergara’s role on Modern Family? Not so coincidentally, she plays the much younger wife of on older wealthy man, and she doesn’t work, and most of her role centers around her looks. Women are valued by their looks, not their intelligence or talent in many cases, and are expected to be happy about it. Men do not experience this as much as women in Hollywood, period. There are many more successful unattractive and/or overweight male actors, while female actors over a size 4 (i.e. size XS) are called fat or “curvy.” There’s bad on both sides, no doubt, but don’t belittle what women go through. Women still make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the SAME job. Yet “we don’t have anything to complain about”? B.S. and this comment is just ignorant and you obviously have issues with women yourself. Don’t take your anger at whatever you’ve experienced out on all women.

        • Rbjk Rbjk

          My issues are that hypocrites like yourself rip on men, yet fail to ever see the sexism-drenched media belittling or emasculating men, all the while celebrating everything female. (for example) Look at how much awareness breast cancer receives, while prostate cancer awareness receives so very little.
          DO you really believe the women in the media don’t wish to be noticed for their looks? Are you that dense? It’s well known that women dress to impress other women (for the most part). DO you think a guy gives a sh*t about what shoes she’s wearing, if her hair is done in the latest fashion or what designer made her dress? LOL. Yeah, keep telling yourself that it’s only the MEN’S fault that drives women to be so fussy over their appearance.
          You have a serious problem with men. Misandristic, perhaps. Can’t stand to take any blame. Don’t generalize all men and then play like you didn’t (if you ARE a guy, that’s pretty sad).

        • ash429

          Are you serious? Women are constantly portrayed by the media as nothing but sex objects, whose value is determined by their looks, or clueless dimwits, or they are slut shamed for behaving in the same way men do, i.e. sleeping around. It’s obvious you are sexist yourself, so I can’t take you seriously.

        • Rbjk Rbjk

          YES, I AM serious. If you truly don’t find how men in film, tv etc. aren’t portrayed as moronic, insensitive, greedy individuals, then it is clearly YOU who are sexist (if you’re female), and who can’t be taken seriously. In case you failed to realize, almost all of the women in the entertainment business who are looked at as dimwitted or sexual objects, are looked at/treated that way because they WANT to be seen that way. HARDLY lady-like behavior.
          As for them getting negative labels for doing the things that men do, well, I could name 20 hypocrisies used against men that women receive no heat over. Why are older men dating younger women called “cradle-robbers,” “perverts” or having a “midlife crisis,” but older women dating younger men are “cougars?” Feel free to keep your head in the sand.

    • ash429

      Not the point. The point is Katherine had no problem starring in this movie and receiving a huge paycheck for it, and then said nothing about it being sexist until it was conveniently already made. Hypocrite. Then she was in movies like The Ugly Truth. If you thought Knocked Up was sexist, watch that movie and prepare to be disgusted with her comments.

  • Robert Hall

    I looked at Katherine Heigel last month and thought she was wonderful. What do I care how she behaves at work. What….you never took your staff to a strip bar? Why was it the girls that got drunk and ….. not to say I ever did anything like that. Afterall were all perfect.

  • dpisc

    Steven segal is a looser cowardly woman beater

    • fox

      ur a dumbass

      • dereid49

        that’s two words…dumb a$$

  • tangledvine

    She’s right. Knocked up was sexist. So, she doesn’t read scripts before agreeing to a role?

    • saltyseascott .

      Why was it sexist? watch out loaded question, lets see if you can handle it, yes?

    • Rbjk Rbjk

      Ahh, you’re right; Hollywood is NEVER sexist towards men (LOL). Look how it treats the male characters in any commercial, film, tv show. Ridiculous.

      • James Nimmons

        usually its not sexist towards men..use google moron. stop mansplainin..

        • Rbjk Rbjk

          Mansplainin? Yup, only a true moron would use that dense buzzword. Apparently, you don’t pay much attention to the media’s agenda if you haven’t witnessed the belittling or emasculating of men in film, tv etc. Poor sap. Go stick your head back in the sand, kid.

        • Boydnar

          James is a self-loathing “feminist.” He thinks patronizing women thusly will gain him favor with hot chicks. Little does he know that most hot chicks are comfortable with their femininity and LIKE masculine men who are confident and don’t apologize for being men.

        • Da La

          We don’t like “men” who claim to speak for “most hot chicks”, though. Guess “comfortable with their femininity” means “dresses the way I like ‘em – hot! (grunt).” Alpha males are ok for one night stands but they are not relationship material – they are often so lousy in bed that one night is one too many!

        • JollyRogers

          I’m sure you have had plenty of experience with one night stands, so I’ll take your word for it.

        • Boydnar

          Your “guess” is wrong, da la. Next time don’t try to put words in someone else’s mouth or thoughts in someone else’s head by GUESSING. *YOU* don’t know what’s in *MY* head. Also, you’re clearly conflating alpha-males with bad boys — which means you’re confused. And if alpha-males “are often so lousy in bed that one night is one too many,” then how is it that “Alpha-males are ok for one night stands?”

          You testify on behalf of someone you don’t know and your own opinion is internally inconsistent. You’re batting 0-for-2. And take your “grunt” comment and shove it up your ass.

          Notice that I didn’t say anything derogatory about women or “hot chicks,” and yet you want to slander me and argue with me. You’re obviously not comfortable with the term “hot chicks.”

          Gee, I wonder why.

      • cloud

        just because Hollywood can be sexist towards men does not mean that the one particular movie in question at the moment was sexist towards women… you’re not really disproving sexism as much as just implying that everyone suffers from it and it’s therefore not important. If everyone got stabbed in the chest it wouldn’t make the wound any less painful for one individual.

        • Gordon Sands

          It’s a goddamn movie! A comedy. Stop taking it so seriously.

        • kortjohn

          why do you think simply portraying sexism is bad. Can you say? Do you want to do everything you see?
          What about portraying an idyllic non realistic world in spite of the world we live in? Is that better?

    • ash429

      Yep, major eye roll on the “knocked up was sexist” coming from the STAR of the movie, lol. And this comment was made AFTER the movie came out. She’s ridiculous. And then after she starred in Knocked Up, what kind of roles does she proceed to take? Things like The Ugly Truth, one of the worst and most sexist, gross movies I’ve ever seen. Katherine Heigl is the worst kind of hypocrite, it’s obvious she will take anything offered if she’s paid enough, she’s just trying to get attention, IMO. I won’t see anything she’s in now, which is no loss since most of her movies are awful. Knocked Up is one of the few I liked. The sense of superiority she has is just a major turn off.

      • Tim

        The truth: beauty is only skin deep. Many women in Hollywood fit this statement. Many men in Hollywood are narcissistic.

        • Rbjk Rbjk

          Just about EVERY actor/actress in Hollywood is narcissistic. Gender doesn’t even come into play there.

        • JhonJhonJhonJhon

          Narcissism is a very real mental disorder that doesn’t apply here. What you mean to say is they are self absorbed.

        • Rbjk Rbjk

          I think you’re splitting hairs here. I think the level of self absorption in Hollywood is, on average, borderline narcissistic.

      • Boydnar

        “The Ugly Truth” was hilarious. If you think it was sexist and gross, you’ve been successfully indoctrinated by our hyper-PC schools.
        And this is a major problem with our society today: all of the Bogus Social Programming that tells men it’s wrong to be masculine and the politically correct indoctrination that teaches men to be conspicuously patronizing of women.
        “Feminism” is destroying men, the family and society.

        • Debbie Diva

          I agree I loved that movie. She might be a nasty person, but it was funny and getting to look at hunky Gerard Butler was definitely a plus.

        • Boydnar

          You said, ” . . . getting to look at hunky Gerard Butler . . . .”

          I can’t believe you said that! What a sexist comment. I’m offended on behalf of all men. When you say something like that about one man, it’s degrading to ALL men. After all, what do you think we are . . . mere sex objects for you and your construction-worker girlfriends to OGLE all the time???

          Your comment just goes to show that you women see us men as nothing but soulless bodies for you to use for your mindless pleasure and subjugation.

          You owe all men an apology and you need to attend sensitivity training.

        • bobby bobby

          she has a right to her opinion. i wouldn’t say she’s a nasty person

        • bobby bobby

          it was sexist and gross but that’s also why it was so freaking funny lol

    • Dave P

      We are all sexist to one extent or another. We’ve all got cancer too.

    • YoursTruly

      Your mentally really fucked up if that movie is sexist to you.

      • Sharon Green

        Yours Truly….the picture of the baby is so sweet…..cute, cute!! They don’t stay little for long …..but, “big” a long time….lol….little, not so much….:)

      • wildthang

        Nah, I think you’re not intelligent enough to see why Knocked Up is. in fact, extremely sexist. Also, *you’re.

    • taking leek

      Ok if she is true to her morals why was she in the movie ? And it did make a sh_t load of money? Maybe she can return the profits she got from the film to clear her conscious? Please you call me anything but please I would be offendede if I was called a hypocrite!

  • ed57

    Too bad about Gwyneth, she’s very talented.

    • GoombaPizza

      Are we talking about the same actress here? Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the worst well-known actresses in Hollywood history… her “acting” is completely wooden and no-dimensional… The only reason she ever got that famous is because she was with Brad Pitt.

      • Evan

        Her dad was Bruce Paltrow, very influential in “the biz”. Her mom, Blythe Danner is a character actress w/1,000 x’s the talent as “Gwynie” & a really nice & classy woman.

      • JudgeJulieLit

        Clearly you did not see Gwyneth’s transcendentally stellar performance in the film Shakespeare in Love. She emotes beautifully.

        • Jacinta

          I enjoyed Country Strong as well.

  • tangledvine

    Of course skinny, dried up Paltrow avoided lovely, young Scarlett Johansson.

  • tangledvine

    Edward Norton…..This is the guy who played the incredible hulk, right?

    • OCMichael

      I thought that he was that sewer worker who was Ralph Kramden’s best buddy…

  • tangledvine

    This is one of the true bastards of Hollywood. He’s also a wife beater. But, hey, he can arrest himself since he’s “also a cop”….in his mind, anyway. He’s a FREAK.


    I like her and I think she is very wonderfull

  • Its Payback Time

    Nothing is better than seeing Katherine Heigl crash and burn. She is now, and has always been, the Ultimate Hollywood Bitch. Can’t wait till she’s my checkout girl at the local Walmart, so I can laugh in her ugly face!!!!

    • Keri Wilhelm

      Do you know her personally? *rolls eyes*

      • Str8shooter

        I don’t think you need to know her personally. There is not ONE make actor who would ever work with her after the first experience. This is a fact. And the studios know her reputation well by now.

    • Laurie Merrigan

      well thats a little harsh. i dont like how she treats people but thats still kind of mean.

  • Mamma G

    disappointed in Gwynnie ..I always thought she’d be fun to hang out with .For sum reason x

  • Mamma G

    Sounds like my type o boy, oor Russell :)…..I sailed past his flat in Sydney once , if only I’d a known ha x

  • Mamma G

    I wouldn’t even considering messin x

  • Mamma G

    Cameron,now that’s a family name x

  • stinkerbell65

    Man, I don’t know about how much truth is in these, but Steven Seagal got down-right, butt-ugly. He used to be so…Mmmm. Now, meh…

  • [email protected]


  • [email protected]

    Don’t be a Dick, Dick!

  • [email protected]

    He must have looked in the Mirror and you won’t like me if I get hungry. Good Line in HULK

  • Jerome Johnson

    Seagal, really, and after the mob threw a scare into him and made him “wet his pants and cry like a woman.”

  • Myles Standish

    You want to like people. You want to think that actors are really like their non-villianous alter-egos in real life. I’ve always wanted to believe that Val Kilmer was a decent guy. Granted, it’s not a lot to go on, but it sounds like he is pretty full of himself — which I realize is not news for film stars — but it goes beyond being full of yourself when you treat crew as beneath you..

    • keepITreal

      Yeah, and I’m sure the list is probably only half or a third of what it should be.

  • zyggie

    Katherine H. is a joke and overrated talent. Often heard Seagal and Crowe and Norton were terrors. As for Meyers, I’m surprised and Gwen as well. We forget those celebs are people with faults just like all of us. The money and power makes some of them jerks with big egos.

    • conquisito

      Totally agree. Yet she was just listed as one of the highest paid in the industry. her pain-in-the-arse demanding mum seals the rotten package.
      That superfically wholesame Gwyneth is another one, with her hidden sexcapades and her threats to Vanity Fair and trying to bring down VF, and telling her friends not to talk to VF.

      • Evan

        She doesn’t have the power to bring down VF.

        • Catherine Wong

          Oh she tried very hard, but many of her friends ignored her. Gwyneth’s reputation is in tatters. Coupled with the box office fails of her latest films.

    • Evan

      …And some of them don’t even need to have money & power to be jerks!

  • britain

    Anyone who puts up with crap from any of these losers gets what they deserve.

    • Evan

      I used to be a secretary in late 70s/80s. The nicest, most down to earth people I ever dealt with were Jack Nicholson, Jeff & Beau Bridges & (the late) Robert Urich. Goldie Hawn was caring & thoughtful.


    I actually worked with Val Kilmer in a short film titled The Fourth Dimension. He was a pleasure to work with during our interactions.

  • njersey5389

    So we should take your word for it because some lazy, entitled jerk imagined that they were dissed? Ridiculous. Nonsense.

    • Hollywood14

      Kristen Stewart and Beyonce should’ve been on this list as well.

  • Wilt

    Why do we expect that people working in a pressure cooker, with insanity all around them and no privacy will behave like our next door neighbor. Trust the art, not the artist.

    • Karen K

      I get that being an actor can be demanding, but that’s still no excuse to behave like a douche.

  • Jo

    I’m sorry, where the hell is Chevy Chase on this list?

  • Aldiggy2000 .

    Sounds like Paltrow is the worst of the bunch, that and KAtherine

  • Zemo Carpathian

    Paltrow considers herself Hollywood royalty. Jack Black said she avoided him in their movie, Shallow Hal, and only associated with her peers.

    • Tim

      Agreed, I feel Paltrow and Heigl are in the same class of “stuck up”.

    • bethmoore

      I would avoid him to, he thinks he’s so hot & to me he’s not. Didn’t care for Shallow Hal at all.

    • NM2000

      I get that feeling every time I see her, whether it be the role she bought for herself on Glee or the ghost-written cookbook. Her “super mom who is also an actress who is also a singer who is also a…” fake facade gets old and grating. Just be a normal, natural, actual human being once in a while.

  • clete

    Val kilmer reeks of a nazi asshole.

  • SFE

    Segal’s in a class all his own. At a dinner in Santa Ynez he was showing some “moves” to the host’s son when he became enraged at the child and had a shit fit worthy of the baloney “CIA-trained” crap he engages in his films. What a fucking child this moron is.

  • Jon Weiss

    I often wonder what is wrong with these people and why others do not call them out on their arrogant stupidity, Myers and Heigl may be control freaks but that is easy to deal with. if you are on the crew, just do as you are told and live secure in the knowledge that your association with these pinheads is only temporary. As for Cameron, the first time he told me to “Take a Number” I would do as directed, but when he came back asking where his camera was located, I would take that opportunity to inform him that I tried to tell him that it had fallen overboard an hour ago and he didn’t want to hear about it. Then there is Mr. Seagal and others of the physical abuse crowd, they are easy to deal with, when the physical assault occurs, I would merely respond that I would see them in court when they answer the assault charges.

  • zyggie

    Heard some not so nice things about Segal when he was down in New Orleans doing his cop show. this man was bi-polar all the time. So maybe back in the day when he was a celeb he did not have so many issues we the public could see. Now…….I kinda think he does.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Palins – any of ‘em, all of ‘em. Everyone from grips to co-stars are made to sign Confidentiality Agreements. Is she really all THAT? No. Neurotic and narcissistic.

  • Sargonarhes

    This is strange, because actor Carry Hiroyuki Tagawa told me Edward Norton was easy to work with.

    • S.

      Ed Norton is great actor and so underrated in Hollywood.

  • Justin M Arrieta

    Oh come on she’s sexy that needs movie screen time so I could see her bueitiful face

  • Liken ‘em more now

    Hahaha…many of these secrets and things you say about these people actually make them MORE interesting to me as actors…take Katherine Haegel (spelling?)) I find it incredible that she wouldn’t except a grammy for “Greys Anatomy” because of “poor writing”…much to her credit…and Norton…also to his credit he’s very passionate about what he does

    • NodontcarebutYesspokeanyway

      I don’t even know why i read this article because obviously I don’t get half the world since these people are only ACTORS! “Oh well Norton and Heigl are very passionate about what they do!” STFW?!! These people aren’t doctors who cure diseases! These people aren’t Mother Theresas or Ghandis or even MLK Jrs. They make their living by saying lines (convincingly and sometimes not so convincingly) in movies or on television. All of these actors who think that what they do is so freaking wonderful need a major reality check because we, as in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, don’t need them! We don’t need them like we need doctors or teachers. They are there for entertainment purposes only. They are jesters in the court of life, and they only survive because of how much attention they receive from the populous. Granted, they do make a lot of money doing what they do but still…STFW? Are we supposed to hang on every word they say and glorify them for that alone? Hitler had the entire treasury of Germany behind him, is he truly a success story???!

      If you are an actor with a wide-reaching audience, then do your little bit, say your lines, get paid, and then move on while smiling at the camera and waving (that is if you can manage doing all of that at the same time). Appreciate your fans and just shut up because your opinions matter about as much as the paid Eskimo blubber-chewer down the road. Actors are paid to ACT not to voice their stupid opinions on everything from fashion to famine to the WWW, and the bottom line is “do you want to get paid?” The answer is of course “DUH!” So why would you deliberately do anything or say anything to anyone which might jeopardize your career and thus your earning potential? Just not smart business at all in a career with an expiration date.

    • Anna

      It was an Emmy and she actually didn’t deny it just asked not to be taken off the list for the award because she didn’t like what was going on with her character. Her character was being ignored and basically written off the show, so yes it was bad writing toward her character. Maybe she shouldn’t of said anything, but all she did was speak out about annoyance toward how her character was being treated. It is an opinion and she is allowed to have it, sadly having an opinion in the acting industry ruins you’re career more often than not.
      As for them listing her personality as crappy, I have never heard of her being hard to work with and demanding. She just seems opinionated and someone that speaks her mind even if it messes with her rep. However, no one has said she was mean and hard to work with she just has been known to harshly speak out against certain projects. This article was hard on her.

  • chris

    people these days just believe things instantly without even thinking

  • jtrollla

    Crowe thinks he’s Richard Burton. Who was also a first class asshole.

  • doggietrainer29

    Have always disliked Steven Segal, now that I hear he is an animal abuser I think he is an absolute POS that should get his a$$ kicked-what a loser!

    • Oxana

      agree, Segal is a sicko

    • BigEb

      doggie…I agree with your post except to say that he is a POS is an insult to anyone who is a POS…

  • James Lawson

    I knew this dewd was a punk. Especially after Katrina. I do not watch any of his movies at all. Terry, he didn’t need but two sentences. The guy is a lewzer.

  • Asuigeneris1

    Seagal tends to sound like a douche during interviews as well, and considering his exes claim he abused them mentally and physically…I will buy that he likely is a walking douche-nozzle with lips. :P

  • JumpyGathers

    Just the look on his face makes ya want to toss a pie at it…..

  • Oxana

    Steven Seagal? not enough that he looks like a monkey, he is a sadistic monster too… I wouldn’t watch any of his movies, knowing how many living beings suffered because of him…that idiot has no respect for anyone…he is just a selfish miserable person that nobody wants around…no Seagal on my TV screen please

  • Oxana

    no, I’m not surprised that Seagal is an animal abuser and a sadistic monster… this guy has no respect for anyone… he was really nasty to my 6 year-old son who wanted an autograph… Seagal must be definitely mentally ill… so I don’t understand why would any decent producer want this sicko in his movie…

  • 18235

    spoiled brats….the worst of the one percent, since nobody even needs brains to be an actor….
    and gwenth should realize she wouldn’t even be in movies if it wasn’t for her mommy and daddy already in Hollywood—-plus every one? of her movies…STINK.

  • Bob

    Steven Segal’s the funniest one. Minus the animal cruelty of course.

  • Raul

    “You do a simple google search and you find that she is actually a genuine person who speaks her mind blatantly” Probably so,but you can say things in a friendly way without making anyone feel bad.

  • Tommyboy

    Steven Seagal has seen too many Steven Seagal movies.

    • BigEb

      …and one Steven Seagal movie would be two too many…

  • wilwheaton

    HUGE FAN OF Crowe. I just wish he would kicked Clooney’s ass. I would do just that if he came to Texas.
    wil wheaton

  • LOLgiggle

    Ha ha! Didn’t Ed Norton just do a stupid cell phone ad-movie?

  • Laurie Merrigan

    I usually would defend her…and have…not that anyone cares but she’s publically kind of a bitch and i wouldnt work with her ever. Everyone deserves respect. She doesnt give it then she doesnt deserve it. period

  • Larry Gentry

    Why does Gwyneth had that zit on her forehead.. Now that’s nasty.

  • NH03052

    Not only would I not want to work with Val Kilmer, I don’t even want to see any film/tv show/whatever of his!

  • david

    Jamie Foxx
    Martin Lawrence
    Sean Penn
    Julia Roberts
    Warren Beatty
    Alec Baldwin
    Dave the-not-so-great-Caruso

    Hardly anything new,sadly
    Raquel Welch , in her “prime”
    Peter Sellars, infamous for measuring other stars’ trailers,among many things.
    Marlon Brando gave us over 50 years of infamous behavior on one set after another; total contempt towards humanity ,and acting, in general.

  • susan

    seagal even as a younger actor had the worst body image …no muscle tone or definition. ugh. i never understood his fame…besides the fact he lied about his karate creds. van damme was another jerk to work with according to the crews on sets.

  • Patriot

    Kilmer is an ass. They should have blackballed his dumbass when he was 12.

  • Patriot

    If the public knew these actors were arrogant morons. I believe their movies would not be attended.

  • 2abner

    too bad for Russell Crowe. if that’s the case, then he’s come a long way in the negative.

    hard to believe that his first ever acting job was to pose as a potential theology student for our Avondale Adventist College religion department promotion in australia.

  • ARMYOF69

    I like Russel Crowe, because he does not like George Clooney.

  • toonybrain

    And this behavior coming from a terrible actress who ought to feel blessed that she’s gotten any work at all in Tinseltown.

  • Simon2121

    awesome clooney responce

  • saltyseascott .

    The woman lacks social graces I decline to say more because I like her. Love is giving without expecting anything in return and the of forgiveness is forgetfulness.

  • Efxpert

    Having worked in the industry for close to 30 years I can tell you about 2 other not so nice celebs! I worked on Funny Girl and I can tell you there’s no one more mean spirited then Barbara Striesend. I saw her being actually cruel to here staff. I worked on Terminator 2 with Cameron and Schwarzenneger and I can verify the info about Cameron and tell you that Schwarzenneger is the same. If you were below the line, that’s anyone whose an employee and not talent, you were treated like crap!! Among the nicest are Tom Hanks, Henry Winkler, Elisabeth Montgomery, Linda Hamilton and Omar Sharif.

    • BigEb

      …although I am not part of the business…I’ve also been told that Lori Loughlin is also one of the “nice” ones…Not bad looking, either…

    • Debbie Watson

      Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence is always on the top ten nicest celebrities along with the late Paul Walker.

      • Nia M.

        You forgot Anne Hathaway. The tabloids go after her , but she is incredibly nice and easy to work with .

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    You forgot Bruce Willis, just ask Kevin Smith xD

  • PressCore

    Not being a public figure or Entertainment Tonight correspondent, I couldn’t
    know Kathy Heigl personaly as an aquaintance. But as one of her Main Street
    USA fans, having seen her movies, her candor is spendidly refreshing to me.
    As a Sag myself, tack & discretion, aren’t my strong suit either. But I’ve never
    heard her say anything that was not true. Her acting roles in Prince Valiant.
    Roswell, Love Comes Softly, Love’s Enduring Promise were inspiring. These
    were high quality modern Westerns airing on the Hallmark channel. That and
    Ovation are as tasteful as it gets to be. She’s very lucky which can sometimes
    go either way. If her candor has cost her and she’s only been seen in a no
    lines TV sleep med advert, c’est la vie. Those who bounce the hardest still
    rise to limitless heights eventualy.

    You know, I have to admire her beaming a smile at the finale of that advert, reflecting her supremely positive attitude and indomitable spirit. Those smiles
    I always see her wearing are ingenuous, happy ones. Reminds me of an old
    Gary Cooper movie with Paulette Goddard.entitled ” The Unconquered ” set
    in the colonial era. At the end of the picture a quote from William Penn went :
    ” Where Liberty dwells-there is my country ” . After seeing Kathy & her mom
    on the Sci Fi channel’s series John Edwards the Psychic, I sensed she’d
    shine the most in drama & comedy. I believe she has such a wonderfuly spontaneous sense of humor that if they were ever to reprise Rowin & Martin’s 1968 TV series Laugh In…That Kathy Heigl would be a shoe in for Goldie
    Hawn’s role. Except for one episode of the Twilight Zone, she’s yet to be
    cast in any serious dramatic roles or quality comedy.

  • Gracie Saccardo

    Get a grip…your not all that

  • Gracie Saccardo

    remain where you came from stay down to earth

  • Gracie Saccardo

    Don’t like him….He is a women beater….not so tough

  • tevra

    MIke Meyers – great sense of humour? that asshole was never funny and only played off the comedy of people who could actually make people laugh. When he was on a show by himself he was a terrible flop

  • Thomas Wainwright

    Ok, here it is. We are remaking Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice with James Cameron as our director. Our stars are Val Kilmer with Katherine Heigl & Russell Crowe with Gwenneth Palthrow.
    I’m still working on getting Ed Norton, Mike Myers and Steven Seagall into the script.
    Let’s see who kills each other first. I expect Gwenneth to be the toughest of them all!

  • chopin44

    She got too big for her britches causing her to loose her role on Grey’s Anatomy. She prob got greedy and with an attitude. I have seen a lot of actors become famous from being on a hit TV drama and decide to leave to make more money… They make a few C movies and then forgotten. Being greedy leads to nowhere sometimes.

  • Imagineer

    Mike? He’s Canadian! Heh. Ok, Canadians can be as difficult as they please, but to star on SNL for so long, wouldn’t you have to be long suffering? Some of the worst are dead now. And that’s how they’ll be remembered.

  • Dr Hook

    I am very surprised Julia Roberts is not on this list.

  • Rbjk Rbjk

    A friend who works in the film business said Heigl is usually in a b*tch mood. She’s another egomaniac actress.

  • movielover

    Ashley Judd needs to be on this list. I was on set during the filming of “Big Stone Gap”. One of her poodles had used the bathroom in her trailer. She picked it up and threw it in her assistants face screaming something like “someone clean this f*c*ing s*i* up.” I would have decked her if I were her assistant.

  • D.M. Lara

    Val just did a one man show in my town. He was an a hole to everyone. He broke promises to a class of drama students at the high school. His play was put on at the high school stage. He fired one of his personal assistance who refused to to comprised himself over Val’s broken promises. He is so clueless he did even understand that the teens didn’t know who he was and the only people that wanted to see his play were middle aged women..he was a complete jerk

    • Cass

      Was this the Mark Twain show? Could you give more details? (Damn, I was planning on seeing that, now maybe not!)
      (Btw not surprised about the middle aged women comment).

  • Simon

    they’re all a bunch of creeps

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Seagal is a punk. A Seagal used to be rough on his stunt men and boast that no one could choke him out. Gene Lebell proved him wrong – he choked Seagal unconscious and Seagal wet his pants!

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Seagal was reportedly rough on his stuntmen and arrogantly boasted about how tough he was – then Gene Lebell choked him unconscious on set and Seagal wet his pants.

    It’s easy to be a tough guy when you are paying stunt men to let you beat them up. It’s not so easy to be a tough guy when you run into a real tough guy like Gene Lebell.

  • Harlowrose

    Tsk tsk. She climbed the ladder only to fall off of it. What does she think actors do, exactly?

  • haidee

    Katherine heigl isnt a bad actress, but I personally dont like her in any of her movies, she constantly annoyed me on greys anatomy to I wish they would have given her roles to someone else someone funnier she kind of ruined the comedies for me and I was happy to hear when she wasnt going to be on greys any longer either lol

  • India63

    Russell Crowe criticizing George Clooney for anything is a laugh. Showing his mug in public is a sellout, for the public that is.

  • India63

    Since Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, how is knocked up sexist?

  • lyris

    I can understand the shower business as left over water is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

  • Harte

    So 12 year old Val had a tantrum, Cameron pushes his actors and Paltrow likes a clean shower (have you ever used some of these trailer showers?). Sounds like some on the list are quite successful because they are demanding.

  • Joe Mahma

    Clooney is awesome.

    • divots

      George? Is that you, using a pseudo-name?

  • Cap Curmudgeon

    I think Paltrow will “come out” next.

  • Na_na99

    How did Billy Corgan not get included on this list?

  • Kristina Krovane

    If someone acts like a high-strung narcissistic diva 24/7 no one will want to be around you much less want to work with you–and there is the clue for Katherine Heigl and her mother.

  • Randy111

    Val Kilmer looks enough like a member of the Bush family to be mistaken for Jeb in this photograph. So I thought the latest “family” President-to-be was one of the 8 mentioned. He sure can put on the kind of act to get elected actors are expected to be able to do, but hopefully the truth will get out before he gets elected.

  • S.

    Grey’s Anatomy was good to her and propelled her to a movie career. Her comments were pretty harsh and thankless.

  • DEGooman

    Just her name smacks SPOILED LITTLE RICH GIRL

  • Vanessa Taris

    wow -surprising

  • Barb Carey

    Russell Crowe “eccentric?” Lets call it what it really is ….. he’s too full of himself and is rude and ignorant!

  • Amber

    Gwenyth wants the shower a gym dried before she uses it? How about you shower when you get home Gwen or exercise and shower before getting work? These celebrities kill me. She thinks she’s freaking royalty or something.

  • yessir

    I’ve always heard Hugh Grant is a nightmare.

  • BOB

    We assume most of these people are pricks to deal with, drama-queen males and females. What you really remember is when you learn who is really a decent and nice human being, that’s what the public really remembers and likes.

  • J. C. Smith

    Never heard of this Norton dude.

  • Natasha

    All of the people listed are truly abusive to others. I am surprised and disappointed about Michael Myers though. The rest of them, especially Paltrow, Hollywood would never miss if they disappeared.

  • kiki

    They should add Alexander Paine to the list- the director is loved by the Academy Awards but he’s horrible! Treats his crew like shit-

  • MalloryKnoxx

    I kinda don’t blame Gwyneth about the shower thing. I wouldn’t shower at the gym–I mean I won’t if I ever go. People pee in the shower. I don’t wanna share someone else’s…wetness.

    • Sharon Green

      There is a simple answer….when I was in the Navy, we were told to wear our “flip flops” when we took a shower. At the time the Navy was worried about athletes foot. That’s a problem that can really get out of hand…..

  • MalloryKnoxx

    I did not know his about her…damn, it makes me feel bad b/c I really like her or well her characters, but how in the hell could you be mean to Seth Rogen. What a shame.

  • Bananaville

    Segal is an a**! And Knocked Up was horrible and just wrong. Stop having your mommy run your career, you might get another chance at a career.

  • Guest

    Is Hollywood confusing work ethic perfection demonstrated by quality entertainment provided by this list of actors….They provide quality entertainment for your hard earned dollars…..It would appear they are simply doing their job and making sure the public is not given garbage…

  • jennifer d

    wow! at least 1/4 of the commentors are “actors” themselves…”oh, when i worked with her”, or “oh, yes, she was really nasty”. really??? k

  • Jim Mann

    Where would all these professional jerks go if hollywood disappeared..They would slink away like the sorry species that they are…sry, to all you star lovers out there.

  • Anon

    If I was a director I’d want to work with Katherine Heigl. Getting her in the sack would be worth it.

  • Flaps

    Seagal is a sad c**t

  • Contrarian

    I sat next to him at a restaurant in LA a few years ago. He looked older, and was very overweight. Don’t know what he has that he is arrogant about, but he needs to take a good look at himself.

  • Dave P

    You know, I never did care to shower in a shower that was wet from recent use. Ofcourse, I never demanded that someone dry it for me…I just use a different one. Got me three bathrooms, I do.

  • Dave P

    Clooney is a sellout, and it’s a cinch that Russel Crowe would have a hot temper given the roles he’s cast in.

  • Got2pee

    What? No Kevin Costner?

  • Libra Diaries

    As for the water in the shower, so what? Who wants to step in someone else’s dried dead skin cells and not to mention foot fungus. Also I like Paltrow. Give her a break.

  • harriet

    athletes foot

  • John Roberts

    What most actors don’t realize is that entertainment is a job, just like any other job. Yeah, most writers of today’s shows today are horrible and unimaginative. But they have a lot to do with “the talent” getting their paychecks. The Stargate SG1/Atlantis writers were astounding, and the actors got along well with them and each other. But the writers and directors of some of the worst shows ever produced tend to have people who just aren’t worth their contracts. Back in the good old days it was, “Promise them everything; give them nothing.”

  • John Roberts

    Well…there’s no telling who pees in the showers these days! And you know what it does to iron.

  • John Roberts

    Booze just about ruined the late Peter O’Toole. Later in life, he came to realize that, but by then one has made a shambles of one’s life. Reading about the late Keith Ledger (“Why so serious?”), he saw no way out of his relentless insomnia, anxiety and racing mind he couldn’t turn off. So he overdosed on painkillers and benzodiazepines and thus solved his problem in the worst possible way. Thus we see that if you can’t take the heat, screw the kitchen and do something you enjoy, like scuba diving or sky diving. If you can’t sleep or deal with the stress, you need to change direction somehow.

  • Tee

    I’m not sure if this is true not (it’s not like I’ve ever me the guy in person) but I have heard that Matthew Mcconaughey is very hard to work with, due to his arrogance.

    • August

      Not true at all. I just worked with him, and he was very sweet to everyone.

  • b ro

    I had the “pleasure” of meeting Katherine Heigl when she filmed the Ugly Truth in my building. I loved her in Knocked Up and I was excited to meet her but I was sorely disappointed. The woman smokes like a chimney and she is so rude. She acted as though the world revolved around her and demanded that we not address her when she was in our building. She was a total b!tch! I felt so bad for her assistants, she had them walking on egg shells.

  • August

    I worked with Katherine Heigl on Grey’s and she was the most down to earth cast person. I was an extra and complimented her on her sketching & we had a brief chat.(I too like to sketch) .

  • Surprise-1

    Have any of these actors been in anuything lately?

  • therealcie

    Of course articles like this are to be taken with a grain of salt, but I’ve heard more than once that certain of these people are difficult to deal with and feel like they should be treated as if the sun rises and sets from their backside.
    I’ve heard that Michael Biehn, who worked with James Cameron on several movies and with Val Kilmer in Tombstone, is an absolute nightmare to work with. One of the crew members who worked on Tombstone said that Biehn was often drunk on set, yelling at crew members, and throwing temper tantrums. He apparently pretty well ruined his career with this behavior. It’s a shame, because he’s a talented actor.

    • DonDong

      I didn’t know that. I always liked him. I just thought when you get rich enough, and get tired of jumping through hoops (or, “auditioning”) for mostly forgettable material, they lose interest.

  • RobX

    James Cameron, “has a reputation for pushing his cast and crew to their bounds.”
    He maybe a jerk, but he has the two highest grossing films of all time. So maybe that is what you have to do for success and people in Hollywood are just pampered.

    I just saw a poll that says most football players would rather play with Tom Brady than Peyton Manning. Something makes me believe Brady would be a jerk and Manning would be nicer. But the bottom line is Brady is more likely to get you to the top, so maybe the players are willing to put up with a jerk if they help you win.

  • chuckcloninger

    Mike Myers is a completely untalented and IMHO not funny in the least.. I can only marvel at the fools who laugh at the stupid (not stupid funny, just stupid) stuff he does to get attention. Guess it’s true that you can’t sink low enough for the American public.

  • chuckcloninger

    Now who is Katherine Heigl again?

  • chuckcloninger

    I’m sorry but I have to ask this too. Who is Edward Norton?

  • chuckcloninger

    I have never understood the attraction of a Steven Seagal movie. Not for one minute do I believe that he has any credentials as a martial artist. He is, and always was, too fat and slow to be able to take anyone out except an out of shape nun perhaps. Doesn’t surprise that he’s a jerk too does it?

  • Fan

    how much of this is true or not? as is with real life you always have the ppl at work that you get on with and the ppl you avoid…its human. Can you say you are friends wtih everyone you work with? I know I only spend time with very few of the people I work with, alot of them we share space and even work, but don’t interact or even talk much unless necessary. I watched interviews of glee cast gushing abt gweneth paltrow and her and robert downey jr always seem to get on well. Guaranteed I have seen genuine interviews of cast members gushing abt almost all these stars and how they love working with them. High maintainance actors are difficult…but they always have those ppl who love working with them anyway, the media just decides to make a story based on the ppl who don’t…cos thats more fun! We all have ppl we hate working with…hell maybe you’re the person someone hates working with!

  • Jennie

    I worked with Gwyneth on a photo shoot ten years ago and she was lovely. Totally normal and friendly. And, may I add, strikingly beautiful without any make up on.

  • Bleu Lorax

    In American society, any female who makes an intelligent statement or who has an opinion is considered a bitch if she isn’t hot. If that isn’t sexist, I’ll grow a penis. I think all males should only be allowed in public with their penises showing so females can judge them physically as they judge us. You dopes who don’t agree, don’t bother commenting to me. I’m not interested in your cognitive myopia.

    • Sharon Green

      You are funny as hel8 and I get your point. I do wish there was something we could judge them on that would have the power to make them feel “like less than a person”The idea of judging them physically on their penis, won’t work…here is why..we would be laughing so hard we couldn’t stop long enough to judge them. You know how men are, they always have a foot hanging there when there is barely 6 inches and I will say again….barely!!!….lol. Almost can’t stop laughing……lol…see what I mean??….and Myopia….oh honey, lets call it what it is…..blind!!!!

  • Abbie

    Katherine Heigl had a right to say that Izzy on Grey’s Anatomy was bad writing. They ruined her character, and that’s coming from a used to be fan of the TV show.

    • Signothorn

      She was in Under Seige 2: Dark Territory with Seagal. She doesn’t get to b*tch about her script.

  • cue

    seagal is an actor huh never would guess thought he was some chinese guy just hanging out

    • Sharon Green

      That is so true!!! You are so funny!!! Thanks for the post and you hit it right on the head of the nail…….lol

  • Sam Randrup

    paltrow a dog…knew it …she just annoys me in iron man…what a cow

  • BMarino

    It’s a shame she’s so difficult. I’ve worked on set with her mom, Blythe, who is just lovely. Her later father, Bruce Paltrow, was adored by the people who worked with him. Not sure where her diva attitude comes from.

    • Sharon Green

      I was just going to ask you that! Usually I find(from comments from people that have worked with them)that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…but, in this case, you say no….hmmm, well, one would think that mom has read some of the negative comments that have been said and re-said about her precious angel and would try to change precious angel. Maybe she is like so many mothers and thinks her angel can do no wrong… matter how many or to whom…….We can only hope that dear ole’ Gwinny, will one day change for the better. I always thought that was why “Brad” left her……her highfalutin ways didn’t go over well with his family and he probably got pretty sick of it himself….don’t blame him. She is a legend in her own ……MIND….LOL

  • Duder NME

    Stanley Kubrick. Bernard Herrmann. Hayao Miyazaki. David O Russell. Christian Bale. And now Shia LaBeouf.

    • Sharon Green

      from what I understand, and the impression I have gotten after reading different articles, Christian Bale leaves a lot to be desired in the way he treats people… really included!!!…and if that is true, and I am really believing it is from what I understand, SHAME ON HIM….I really detest it when actors and actresses forget where they came from and the people that helped them get “THERE”……..they are as bad as doctors with that “holier than thou” attitude…..dam@!!!!!

    • Nia M.

      I saw the making of The Shinning , and Stanley Kubrick was relentlessly tough and mean towards Shelly Long . My heart went out to her . I still hear nasty stories about David O. Russell .

  • Chico

    Seagal is full of crap. If anybody bothered to CK out is CIA garbage would find that it’s just that………GARBAGE

  • PeterBlood

    I worked with Katie Heigl on ROSWELL and she was my favorite on the show and far and away a doll to work with. You couldn’t say that about some of the other actor’s, male or female (though Jason Behr was great too), on the show. Most of them seemed to feel their real careers would begin as soon as ROSWELL ended only they didn’t, only Katie did really well after. Good for her.

  • Sharon Green

    That Clooney!!! He has the girls a spinnin’ and the guys a winnin’…He is so full of himself and the silly women(girls?)keep on filling him up!! I will tell you who he will marry…..a woman that treats him exactly the way he treats his(?)women… charming, so well mannered, such a nice smile, dresses well but not to well, got to get down with the peasants but not to down……lol….see, I am just a down to earth kind of guy, play basketball, get sweaty and everything…see, I am just a regular guy. He wants you to think that but…..HE doesn’t………THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH OLE’ GEORGIE-BOY……..He loves himself…….only. Rest in peace, Georgie. I hope everyone leaves you all alone…….all alone. Isn’t that what you want???

  • Sharon Green

    I understand what Norton is saying but, you have to be careful with that attitude or you will get the reputation that he now has.

  • Sharon Green

    Nothing horrible that Seagal does surprises me….It didn’t take me long to figure out what kind of person he is…..can you imagine, killing something weak, harmless and of no danger to you??? What’s next???….HUMANS??? To say that I detest that kind of human being(and I use that term on him….loosely)is putting it mildly. You are a PIG, Seagel…..just my opinion…….:)

  • Sharon Green

    Cameron probably is a good director….there are many out there….some haven’t even been discovered yet. As far as being a descent human being, hmmm, here is what I know(either read it or heard it)he left his wife and married a woman he gave a part to on his “biggie” Titanic, he has a tendency to be rude to people, especially to people he considers “beneath” him, I imagine he thinks its o.k. to be that way cause he is JAMES CAMERON…….lol……please, I can’t stop laughing……I could take it better if he was good looking and had hair….Oh Lordy, I have just insulted two of the four thing men cherish…looks, hair, height, and “you know”…….lol…can’t help you with that, nor would I want to……now, Johnny Depp, NOW we are talking…….:)

  • Ernest

    I just cannot see Katherine Heigl as a she-devil. But, looks can be deceiving.

    I was wondering who that woman was when I saw that Nyquil commercial a couple of times.

  • solipsist mine

    Difficulty “working with” Seagal really isn’t an issue, as he hasn’t HAD any work in years now, unless you count his “reality TV” trash to be “working.” The bovine beast has long faded from the minds of most Americans, remembered – if at all – as a clown.

  • anm

    Knocked up was sexist, but it didn’t stop her from profiting off of it.

  • Anthony Forte

    What about shannen doherty being a mega b- diva or kirk cameron preaching to you constantly…

  • annaree

    “knocked up” is a pretty sexist term. that was a bad point.

  • Sandy


  • lunchizover

    Val Kilmer difficult? Who knew? He supposedly has a winery now, not surprising given his whining everywhere else.

  • Monicatoby

    No surprise about James Cameron. In the special he made for the centennial of the Titanic sinking, he called together a bunch of experts and then treated them like they were all beneath him. If it wasn’t such an interesting topic to me, I would have turned it off, but I wanted to hear what the experts had to say!

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    I can understand a few of these types of behavior. Not wanting to dine with others is not as snobby as it sounds. Some actors want to stay in character and need that time to reflect and plan without distractions. I don’t fault Bale for getting pissed at clumsy crew folks who do things you’re not supposed to do, like distracting them during intensely emotional scenes.

    I’m an actor as well and I can tell you that it can be VERY hard work to maintain your groove when you’re constantly bombarded with folks who have nothing to do with your on-set work when you’ve had to deal with constant retakes and makeup and wardrobe artists who need to touch you up at times that you cannot afford any distractions. I always strive to treat my fellow actors, whether principals or background with dignity and respect. But sometimes those other folks don’t understand boundaries and accuse you of nasty things when you won’t just toss aside your work ethic and focus to socialize with them. Some of the background folks are “star struck” and want to tap you for all sorts of advice on “making it” and to be seen as your buddy to maximize their social/professional reputations.

    Some folks ARE divas/divos on set and off set. But when on set, all bets are off. Actors are required by their directors to be “on” and ready at all times. That entails tremendous emotional, mental and physical focus that, when you lose it, costs time and money and can sabotage production.

    • NothingButTheTruth

      I start to wonder about people who claim to be actors who post on here….makes no sense.

  • Rolo_Tomasi

    It’s one thing to be dedicated and hard working and expect others to do the same, it’s another being a spoiled brat or diva just because of who you are

  • MM

    I never could stand Teri Hatcher. She has a mouth like a dog.

  • MrNewCastrati

    What do all these Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want To Work With have in common? That’s right, they’re all Lefties.

  • Greta4

    My question? If these people are such clots, why do people even hire them for projects? There are thousands of people in Hollywood just awaiting the chance to prove their worth on the screen. Get rid of the people with the God complex, and get on with a good film shoot! These people are just lucky I’m not responsible for what goes on on the set. Their feet would be slammed back to the ground (or they’d be out the door) so fast you wouldn’t see them for dust.

    • Clytamnestra Dunge

      in the case of someone like madonna it’s clear: she is mostly just difficult because she holds both herself and the people around her to a high standard. nothing wrong with that if you share the work-ethic.

      as for the people who are self-absorbed c*nts and think it is funny to kick random crewmembers in the groin: i would guess it’s mostly just because of name-recognition. attaching a big name to your movie is usually a good way to get attention in a very crowded field. a movie like sharknado would have been invisible if it hadn’t included formerly-famous tara reid.

      i agree that hollywood should just get rid of those ‘difficult’ actors. there are a lot of very talented people out there who would be more than happy to take their place.
      and also a few stars who rarely show up in those difficult-people lists (f.e. angelina jolie and brad pitt used to be crazy, but nowadays they seem to prefer the ‘show up to set, respect your co-workers, do your thing, get home’ approach)

  • Jaden Levi

    Paltrow is a cunt. Enough said.

  • Birdiel

    Will Smith is the #1 worst person; he tries to direct the movies all himself and throws tantrums if he doesn’t get his way. No one wants to work with him anymore. He also does it when his wife and kids are in movies.

  • Diane DeMarco

    Paltrow isn’t nearly as pretty as her mother, Blythe Danner. Blythe seems warm and loving and Paltrow a snob.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      What does her looks have to do with anything? People like you speak volumes about your own insecurities when you bring someone’s looks or weight into a conversation.

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    I’ve heard the exact opposite about Jennifer Aniston – from her own mouth in a Diane Sawyer interview – that she doesn’t tolerate any abuse of crew members on a set.

  • Guest10209

    My wife met Teri Hatcher at a Yogurtland in Burbank and she said she was very kind and even took a picture with her. No diva behavior or problem whatsoever.

  • Lucien

    Who’s Mark Cherry to crit anyone…?

  • KittyP

    I’m so happy to see Jennifer Anniston made the list. She is the antithesis of”America’s Sweetheart.” I was so excited to see her in the nail salon back in her early “Friends” days and the way she spoke to the manicurist was beyond rude. It forever changed my opinion of her.More recently, my housemate did her hair on a film set and thought she was horrible, Yep, that didn’t surprise me. I have never heard anyone who has met her have something nice to say.

  • Whydid Youblockme

    FUQ STEVEN SEGAL for injuring and/or killing animals “accidentally” while filming a movie. I fuq’ing HATEEEE that man

  • Da La

    Edward Norton – what a self-involved moron! Does he really think anyone cares about him or considers him an artist? Pretentious wuss!

  • zebedy

    Val Kilmer allegedly punched Tom Cruise and flattened him during a row when they filmed Top Gun. If thats true Val is a hero

  • 3Curmudgeon3

    Kanye West, now here is a name synonymous with pompous AH. With a capital H. I saw this guy on something the other day and couldn’t believe it. No one would miss this waste of humanity if he just went away.

  • Hella Yella

    … Knocked Up *was* sexist.

    • Chantelle

      No one forced her to make money off of that “sexist” movie.

  • Jon Holden

    LOL, Gwyneth Paltrow is just an old cunt…

  • Vikki

    I thought JLo would be that way. It is a shame, they all should remember how it was before they made it big. Some do not belong where they are, there are many more who would love to fill their shoes

  • Str8Shooter

    Ugh. Why the hell does ANYONE stick up for this stupid bitch? There is NOTHING wrong with speaking your mind. Period. But it utter bullshit to say this is sexism. There is not ONE of her former co-stars…not ONE…that would ever work with her again. And the same can be said for directors. And we all know about the Sofia Vergara incident too. This chick and her royal c**t mother have pissed off (and pissed on) everyone in Hollywood.

    Sorry, but the ‘misogynistic’ crap does not apply here folks!

  • sorrylew

    Kanye West? I am shocked!

  • sorrylew

    Edward Norton? Say it isn’t so.

  • sorrylew

    Mike Myers… Well, I’ve heard those Canadians can be real divas. Just look at Beiber.

    • Chantelle

      Please stop lumping us all into that category…

  • sorrylew

    Steven Seagal. pfft

  • sorrylew

    Lindsay Lohan …. someone just needs to knock her on her ars.

  • sorrylew

    Mariah Carey… Oh, dahling (flipping hair)… I don’t know how Nick puts up with her.

  • musiccitydawg

    That’s not product in Shia Labeouf’s hair. He simply hasn’t bathed for about 2 weeks.

  • ThomasFrancisBeckett

    Gee, Kanye’ is a total asshole. Now why doesn’t that surprise me?

    • TheMokoda

      Let me tell you something about Kanye. He’s smarter than just about all of us think he is. If you go back and observe at all the controversial things he has said, he constantly contradicts himself. It is obvious to me that he simply says things he KNOWS will piss people off, and he monetizes that. He doesn’t actually believe most of the crap he says, it just serves the purpose of getting a rise out of people.
      He may be difficult to deal with and work with, but he’s playing it pretty smart.

  • MO

    Mariah Carey has more talent in her pinky than Nicki Minaj will ever have (outside of her own mind.)

  • weismonger

    It gets worse. Val Kilmer bought a ranch and for the first time in 100 years he built a fence that kept other ranchers from traveling to and from their own properties…. How rude and idiotic. The other ranchers had to spend money and SUE Kilmer to be able to just get to their own properties. Lately, Kilmer seems to be bloated and sleepy eyed, and I wonder if he’s smoking too much weed or drinking too much. No one can stand him and people turn their back on him when he goes into town.

  • koblog

    You forgot Barbra Streisand.

    - Demands rose petals in the toilet at her hotel
    - Stiffs the Westwood bakery that caters her parties (after all, it’s an honor just to have her ask you to cater her party!)
    - Instructs all us energy consumin’ little people to hang our wet clothes on a line to air dry while she lives in a Malibu mansion consuming acre feet of water to water the lawns and untold amounts of electricity
    - and, best of all, doesn’t think it’s right for the Republicans to have control of “all three branches of the government — House, Senate and Presidency” (kinda forgot the courts, there, Babs) but thinks it’s just fine for the Dems to hold both houses of Congress and the Presidency.

    Little inconsistent there, donchathink, Yentl?

  • beenthere_donethat

    I usually let misspellings pass because we all do them but the number of people who spell loser as looser is so large . Hard to believe so many people don’t know the difference.

  • Patrick

    scary closeups of some of these people.

  • beefn925

    You should get your facts straight: Marc Cherry testified that Nicolette Sheridan said Teri Hatcher is the “meanest person in the world.” What else do you have wrong here?

  • mobilebay

    Any guesses when he calls it quits with “wide load?”

  • Steven

    I love Kathy and Gwen. Most of you simply have tiny brains and are offended by the pettiest of things.

  • Luke

    Spencer Tracey used to say that his advice for acting was “Show up on time. Know your lines. Don’t trip over the furniture.” I would add one piece of advice that I unexpectedly received as a complement from a guy I did a lot of work with. Ted Lehamn (Bingo Long Travelling All Stars, Twilight Zone, Bonanza, etc.) once said to me that he always looked forward to us being cast together because he knew that I was working as hard as I could to make everyone else look good. That would be my only addition to Specer Tracy’s advice: “No matter what you are doing on the job, don’t be a selfish ass.”

  • JustMeAgain

    It took nerve to quote Nicky Minaj when whining about Mariah Carey. Carey has talent while all Minaj has ever done is be a rather poor Lil’ Kim knockoff. As for the rest of the list: Yeah, shame on people for having standards. If they would only be conformist, run-of-the-mill machines everything would be great. I’m still waiting for the list of Hollywood executives who are temperamental dirtbags who love destroying people day in and day out.

  • CAJO

    Kanye West shouldn’t be in this list lol, he needs a whole article devoted to what an egomaniacal, narcissistic ass he is

  • TXMike

    Seriously? Steven Seagal is on here? He probably set some directors straight when they thought they could talk down to him like most other Hollywood scum.

  • BigEb

    …on top of all his other antics…Seagal can’t act, either…he’s horrible…total jerk…

  • BigEb

    Ah yes…Kanye West…about the only thing I can say about him is that he actually got me to agree with President Obama…after cutting in on Taylor Swift’s music award to try to lift up Beyonce and her music…Obama said that Kanye “acted like a jackass”…I might have put it in a slightly more classy way…but, Mr. President…when you’re right, you’re right…also, I’m glad Beyonce took the classy way out by not acknowledging Kanye (like the classy lady she is)…giving Taylor her proper due…unlike Kanye…

  • Phalon A.

    Where’s Azealia Banks

  • Guest

    Marc Cherry didn’t call Teri Hatcher the meanest woman in the world, he testified that Nicolette Sheridan said that. It’s worth noting that Marc Cherry took Teri’s side in that argument, eventually firing Nicolette for being a troublemaker.

  • random coolzip

    interesting how these ‘discussions’ invariably turn into hate-fests. guess that’s how some get their kicks – pretty sad.

  • Debbie Diva

    I’m really not surprise about this one. She seems like a real bitch. I don’t know why she thinks she’s all that. This woman is not pretty to me. Couldn’t never figure out what the fuss was about. She always looks miserable.

  • Debbie Watson

    Steven Seagal who? He hasn’t done anything in so long. I’m not surprise he made this list he’s seems very arrogant and full of himself.

  • Debbie Watson

    I guess with his money you could tell people to take a number. I’m sure he has a lot of people wanting his attention, but you don’t have to a rude about it. You don’t hear of Steven Spielberg acting this way. Spielberg is much more talented anyway.

  • Debbie Watson

    Oh my don’t let me get started on Kanye. Don’t like him a all and I think he has to get my vote as the most rudest full of himself entertainer ever. Poor baby North. Could you imagine having dumb and dumber as your parents?

  • Debbie Watson

    I’ve read all the comments and I want to know why no one is bashing rude and obnoxious Kanye West? He’s the worst on the list.

    • sarakatz

      Not worth taking the time, it’s just too obvious.

  • Donald N. Mei

    Actually, when I see Kanye, I don’t think high maintenance, I think “a******!”

  • randi

    Kanye West is an idiot!!

  • guest

    well one way you have people to be nice to. but if the general public is taping into things with your body that you dont feel is private and when going out in public you start tapping back at them. its like me for instance. i was hit in the head on the right side when i was a kid. i have no memory or even the touch of pain how it happen. one eye is touched with server trauma. the other eye deveolped naturally. then you have people who witnessed the hit. you were in the blackest of all black to not even know the hit was there. u just started waking up and then poof u see something. times u dont remember when it became noticable. so 101 head hit. different life. people trying to maybe wake u up and know of something and now that ur older ur life is set up to run down paths and people sometimes bury too deep in with the recongizable you and you catch on and problem is ahah you cant confront them. so it plays back and forth and then anger starts to develop. so now when your anger no one can wake you up and come directly to you you are stuck figuing things out in puzzles. and when you do come accross people who can see you from a distance you can not see them cause you have no idea how they see or what they think when they are seeing you. you dont want to be shit faced anger at them. you want them to feel nothings wrong its a personal headspace when intimes maybe the set up just constantly checks on you. so you put on a lying happy face toward them and try to mean it as much as possible and then get back to ur headspace and deal with what your going through….iono…i just say people can put on a face and smile for a reason not to shit face anger harm anyone. you want the atomosphere to stay pleasent. not weird. but then inside you can have something personal going on that is bottling up. im just sayin.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  • Bobby S

    Madonna still have those prayer circles? What a consummate phony! Some of people on this list are borderline dangerous and probably should be on some NSA security risk list.

    • sarakatz

      she is looking more like Betty Davis in her later years all the time. I thought she was a horrible influence when she first came out and I was right. She never will grow up. I liked her backup band immensely.

      • Nia M.

        Madonna loves wearing those gloves to hide her aging hands .

  • Alison

    There was nothing wrong with Katherine H. saying Knocked Up was sexist. She’s entitled to her opinion and on issues like that, there is no reason to ostracize her. For other behavior, okay another matter, but not that. And the writer here wrote it as though her saying it was sexist would make anyone’s jaw drop and the condemnation of K.H. is self-explanatory. Kinda weird.

  • W.L.D.

    generally if people do not have scenes together they won’t even be on set at the same time, that is most likely the case

  • absofsteel

    Edward Norton is a pimp and an asshole. He thinks his shit don’t stink. I’d love to piss on his head.

  • dlgdani

    I met Gwyneth and she was ridiculously nice, go figure.

    • sarakatz

      I like her, at least she’s her own person. She is beautiful in that picture, so healthy and wholesome looking. I also think she is nice, nothing like the diva they try to portray her as.

  • Robert Follows

    Jennifer Aniston is everyone’s favourite Friend? I can not fucking stand that god dammned woman

  • Dumdum Doogan

    I’m sorry but Bale doesn’t belong on this list at all. OooOoo he freaked on a lighting guy on the terminator set. Who cares? He loves his fans. It’s made very clear by the fact he SECRETLY visited the Arora shooting victims and that paid for a young dying batman fan and his family’s trip to Disneyland then showed up to meet them.

  • Ray Dziadzio

    Sharon Stones is over is a has been.

  • Ray Dziadzio

    Charlie Sheen why am I not surprised.

  • Ray Dziadzio

    I heard when she made that Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies everyone in the cast and crew hated her

  • Mike

    When I think of Kanye West (which is not often unless forced to), I think of a grown man hell-bent on showing the world his myriad of daddy issues, and how he’s in the middle of repeating his own history of said daddy issues.

  • Chantelle

    I was a fan of Heigl until she started running her mouth. She’s entitled to her opinion. That’s true. But her rants exposed her two-faced personality. It’s ugly and petty.

  • RCA

    i think the problem is . poeple

    are so self righteous, picking out other poeples flaws, and or mistsakes, that the yfail to identify the many mistakes they make every day. (there are none righteou, no not one. romans 3;10

  • loser

    Mariah give it up honey. You are no longer 20 you are pushing 40, and you look overweight!

  • Idon’tLikeStone

    Sharon Stone, the woman hasn’t had a hit in YEARS. Casino? Terrible movie! I don’t know how in the heck she won an award for it!

  • RU4Sure

    James Cameron is a HACK, I don’t care how much money his movies have made.

  • RU4Sure

    Madonna — why hasn’t this old hag been put out to pasture yet??

  • Michael Jordan

    Jennifer Anniston eating by herself makes her “difficult”? Is that all? I eat alone at work whenever I can. I consider it a break. À break I don’t need filled with an hour of chatter about office politics, small talk and gossip. I guess that makes me difficult too.

  • Michael Jordan

    The solution is for directors and producers to stop working with these people. Let their careers dry up and fade away and give somebody else a break.

  • dlea

    Seems to me the responses are from people that are more of a pain and rediculous perfectionists than any of the stars they spend time with. At least the stars entertain me when I give them the time, which is, I believe, what it is all about. These ignorant responses got my attention for a moment, I’m entertained by how ridiculous armchair perfectionists and critics can be. And they do it for free! And now off I go to see the wizard.

  • Pendy1

    Gwyneth Paltrow? Who knew this arrogant, condescending, pompous twit would be hard to work with/

  • Evan1407

    Koonye West is an asshole! Amen.

  • JBlack

    Entertainer are there to entertain us. In medieval times, entertainers were court jesters and traveling minstrels, near the bottom of the social order. These arrogant entertainers of today need to learn their place. Unfortunately, the public enables them.

  • Dan Voegeli

    Seems like this story condones Sharon Stones demanding ways because “who can blame her”. Being a star doesn’t put you above everyone else in the food chain. There are plenty of people who are more important than a actor/actress.

  • Chuck Sherman Jr

    This worthless puke needs his ass kicked!!!

  • Chuck Sherman Jr


  • Chuck Sherman Jr

    Fat slob.

  • Blaise

    I wouldn’t marry a movie star because I wouldn’t want to be constantly catering to her ego. It would be important for me to maintain my self-respect. I’m reminded of the ditty, “I care not how fair she be if she be not fair to me.”

  • Andi

    The reason these “stars” can act like this is simple…we allow it. There is one word we use when dealing with a toddler throwing a tantrum when they don’t get their way…”NO”! If everyone just told them no they would have to get it together or not work. The truth is that there are a million more willing to fill those movie roles for less pay and no demands, and they just might have more talent in the end. I agree that Heigl runs her mouth inappropriately, but I also know she donates millions of dollars to charity and is a devoted mother. Somewhere along the lines these people have forgotten where they came from and that they can be replaced. Personally, I find Paltrow lacking as an actress anyway, she comes from famous parents therefore thinks she is some kind of in expendable Hollywood royalty. These people are like out of control toddlers who need to be told, “no”.

  • Alexander Henderson

    Marc Cherry was quoting, according to his testimony, a statement by Nicolette Sheridan. Considering the spat Sheridan had with the show producers, it isn’t surprising Sheridan would (allegedly) say that. Check your facts please.

  • gemcrazy

    Charlie Sheen is a Psycopath and they never get better, EVER.

  • gemcrazy

    Madonna has way outlived being interesting. She has always been a bitch and will continue to be one, ask Guy Ritchie.

  • gemcrazy

    Mariah Carey is SO low class, cheap and ignorant. Another Puta Barata !!

  • gemcrazy

    Jennifer Aniston is a nobody !! She’s like the low class Kardashians, she cannot act, she has no talent for anything. After Brad Pitt met a really beautiful actress who can act, Jennifer is doing commercials. LEGEND IN HER OWN MIND !!

  • gemcrazy

    Jennifer Lopez is on EVERY hate list. Another one who cannot act, sing, perform. She is a low class, ignorant Puta Barata !!

  • Grizzly907

    Most of the women in Hollywood are soulless whore c!nt’s and worship Satan. They will receive their just reward on the day of judgement.

  • Wixell Bickford

    Teri Hatcher’s still a celebrity? Most of those are consistent with the reputation we’ve heard about in general media. I’d heard Jennifer Lopez doesn’t allow people (like stage workers) to look at her! Never heard Beyonce was a problem and find it interesting Mel Gibson isn’t on the list, must be all the craziness is reserved for his private life.

    • Nia M.

      Everybody in the biz talks about how nice and professional Mel Gibson is . His drinking problems and bipolar disorder off the set got the best of him .

  • Marine Scout Sniper

    Jennifer Aniston is probably the most untalented “celebrity” in Hollywood. Her claim to fame was Brad. She is still getting “I owe yous’” and personal favors as a result of Brad P. Stop and think of the many talented people on “Friends”. She was the only one whom truly made it. Unbelievable, right? How could someone with a horse head be where she is today? You got it, Brad Pitt. She is not a dramatist nor a comedienne. No talent asshole. She IS an arrogant POS, though.

    Semper FI.

  • Marine Scout Sniper

    Geeez, get some balls, “commentator” , ok? You envious of battle-hardened Marines, pussy? I thought you were.

    Semper Fi.

  • George Armstrong Bluster

    I tend to try to cut Norton, Bale, and Cameron a bit of slack, because their issues emerge in an attempt at better entertainment, but–no doubt–Cameron has a Zeppelin-sized ego. I’m really hoping that Lohan and Heigl put their lives and careers back together, since they have talent to offer the biz.

  • Robyn

    Steven Seagal hurt animals during a movie shoot? Does PETA know about this?(Hope So!)

  • Robyn

    Kanye West & his equally publicity-hungry Significant Other, KIm Kardashian were on the cover of this month’s American Vogue.Needless to say,I’m NOT renewing my subscription!

  • Robyn

    I’ll say this for Charlie Sheen;@ least “Two & 1/2 Men” was actually FUNNY when he was on it;now it’s unwatchable!

  • Robyn

    Jennifer Aniston is one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood;she always looks constipated when she emotes w/that furrowed brow look she (over)uses. Also,she basically plays the same two characters(Nice Girl Looking For Nice Guy Or MegaBitch) over & over. “Friends was the high point of her career Imo,

    • Nia M.

      No, Robert Pattinson looks like he is constipated when he acts . But , I do agree Friends is still the high point of Jennifer’s career .

  • Robyn

    Hey @ least Shia Laboeuf is honest about being a sell-out!

  • Walter Mirren

    Pope Francis needs to canonize “beautiful Nicole”.

  • Nia M.

    I thought Jennifer Lawrence was the only one with one facial expression . Their is no depth to her acting .