Burnt Out Stars From The 2000s


It’s hard enough to break into showbiz so it’s understandable when the average star can’t maintain the same high level of success throughout their career. That being said, it’s still puzzling to see a once beloved celebrity suddenly drop off the face of the Earth. Here are 21 people who went from everywhere to nowhere in no time.

1. Shannyn Sossamon

Between 2001 and 2003, Shannyn Sossamon had co-starring roles in pretty big movies with Heath Ledger (twice), Josh Hartnett and James Van Der Beek. Then, she just kind of…disappeared.

Her next work was an appearance on Law & Order: SVU, a small part in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and she’s been stuck in relative obscurity ever since.

Shannon Marie Kahololani Sossamon,was born in Honolulu, Hawaii,on October 3, 1978, but she grew up in Reno, Nevada, and attended Galena High School there.

She is of Hawaiian, French, Dutch, Irish, Filipino, and German descent. The day after her high school graduation, she moved to Los Angelesto pursue a career in dance.

She stayed close to the music industry as she started working as a DJ, along with her boyfriend. At the beginning of her career, she modeled for many companies including Sassy Magazine, Unionbay Clothing, American Eagle Outfitters, and Planned Parenthood.

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  • Dan

    Clever people. They had their fun and made lots of money and now they are privately living their lives.

  • Bloop

    Meg Ryan fell majorly out of public favour after her affair with Russell Crowe, plus the trout-mouth result of her plastic surgery rendered her even more of an undesirable leading lady. God knows why she felt the need to mess with her face, she was very pretty. Shame she isn’t acting these days, I always enjoyed her performances.

  • tazkatt

    nobody from Friends has amounted to anything especially 3 males…back to being a nobody for Ross.

  • dc

    most of these were correct but sarah is doing a show now

  • Melo

    Schwimmer always seemed to be so full of himself. Doesn’t appear to be very talented.

  • Robert Mauro

    Actually, Macaulay Culkin has been in a number of movies (and working on Robot Chicken) since then.

  • LlarryLLama

    Steven Segal a karate expert? maybe once..look at him now..he’s put on some serious lard..

  • omegaman

    What’s to like?

  • Librartist2

    Meg Ryan did something bad to her face. She was a cute girl before. She said she was tired of people calling her “cute” – so now they can call her “Bizarre”

    • LlarryLLama

      she borrowed Michael Jackson’s nose…oh wait..was that Dianna Ross’s? Now I’m confused..

  • Librartist2

    I thought Schwimmer was more into live theater (before & after Friends) maybe he is back on stage?

    • LlarryLLama

      You didn’t expect him to play the part of the giraffe instead of just doing a voice-over, did you? His neck isn’t long enough.

  • FluteGuy

    Anyone knows David Schwimmer lives most of his life behind the camera now.

  • Montira Warran

    Didn’t Nick Lachey host “The Sing-Off”?

  • Montira Warran

    Shannyn Sossamon was in the pilot season of “Mistresses”.

  • Joni Sorsen

    Meg Ryan is probably embarrassed about her lip job.

  • Michael Smith

    Josh Harnett has that new series on ShowTime coming out. It looks very good to.

  • Linda E

    He’s done really nothing at all.. He’s done no acting and supposedly he’s a director now.. what has he done? He’s not the next Martin Scorseses.. Not even.What’s up with him?

    • anndee

      he is also a reserve deputy in Louisiana. had a reality show based on that.

  • SurfaceUnits

    Ross and Rachel could never make a go of it because he insisted on wearing her panties every day

    • cutglass57

      I would have worn Rachels panties on my head.

  • FatBastard

    SJP is a transvestite donkey witch

    • jabbers

      With that long pointed nose she definitely looks the part of a witch. How SJP ever got a job in show business is beyond me. They could have put all the male actors from Friends on this list. Friends would not have been a hit without the ladies. They have tried several TV series with the guy that has the huge forehead, and they were all cancelled after only a few episodes.

      • LlarryLLama

        how did she get the job? remember the saying..”if you want to reach the stars, you have to get on your knees”.nuff said.

  • ceebee

    Hello. Nick Lachey hasn’t disappeared. He’s the host of the TV show, The Sing Off, where all the contestants are a cappella groups.

  • W J P

    I saw SJP munching on some carrots at the horse stables the other day. She’s doing jut fine.

    • LindaE

      You’re an asshole.. let’s take a look at you, you freak!!!

  • elephant4life

    Maybe SJP is hiding her face in shame for hosting that mega-fundraiser in support of Obama. One can only hope.

  • climate_fraud

    maybe they disappeared because they made their cash and left on their terms?

  • robotnik

    It’s a hit and miss business. “One can not make friends for long of all the world” Fritz Kreisler. If you’re an actor, get a degree and have a back-up career.

  • outfordinner

    Steven Seagal was last seen eating Dim Sum in Queens.

    • jabbers

      Steven Segal has been in that cop show in New Orleans for several years, so I doubt he would have time to be eating Dim Sum in Queens

  • Leigh Anna

    Meg Ryan is living, part time, with John Mellencamp up the road from me…she’s in good ole Brown County, Indiana. Ha.

  • Heather Bender

    Schwimmer had a memorable role in Band of Brothers as the arrogant drill sergeant who was later passed up by the men he trained.

    • JamesJ

      He was the arrogant commanding officer (Captain) of Eazy company

    • Herb Suhl

      I thought he did a good job in that role.

      • Davis

        He did a great job.

  • Heather Bender

    Josh Hartnett is a bartender in Coeur d’Alene. Really.

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