Burnt Out Stars From The 2000s


If you want to become a popular and famous celebrity, you are usually going to have to put a lot of work in before you reach that plateau. However, sometimes getting there is easier than staying on top.

Some celebrities are nothing more than a flash in the pan. They get popular, stay popular for a few years, and then completely disappear from the radar. It happens all the time and it definitely happened to these 2000s stars.

1. Shannyn Sossamon

In the early 2000’s Shannyn Sossamon was probably the hottest indie star and one of those girls you just knew are only at the beginning of their careers. The problem is, you were wrong, since the gorgeous actress pretty much disappeared from the public eye.

Until 2003, Shannyn Sossamon starred in some pretty major movies, along such hunks as Health Ledger, Josh Hartnet and, erm, James Van Der Beek. It seemed she was just one role away from getting her big mainstream breakthrough and a leading role, but instead she just disappeared.

Sossamon, who was born in Hawaii and is of French, Dutch, Filipino, Hawaiian and Italian descent. She moved to LA after graduating from high school and tried to make a career in music industry and worked as a model for Planned Parenthood, American Eagle Outfitters and Sassy Magazine, among others.

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