11 Celebs Who Just Happen To Be Heroes In Real Life


Never mind the movies; there are lots of heroes in real life too. There are many different types of heroes; some of the rich and famous donate huge wads of cash to charities, and others find themselves becoming part of real life dangerous situations when they can choose to turn a blind eye or help out. These are the ones who showed bravery in stressful conditions – the real-life heroes.

1. Rapper TI talks down suicidal man from ledge

TI was going to an Atlanta, GA, studio when he heard news reports concerning a man threatening to jump from a 22 storey ledge. He recorded a video telling him that nothing could be so bad and offering to help and the guy agreed to step down. He had a chat with the rapper and was then taken to hospital for treatment. Well done TI, you’re a life saving hero.

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