21 Hollywood Men Who Seem Like Real Douchebags


They’re rich. They’re popular. They’re also douchey as hell for no good reason. Despite having more money than the President, these 21 Hollywood men still find a reason to hate the world, or simply love themselves just a tad too much.

1. John Mayer

This guy is such a douche that there’s even a website tracking his douchey quotes on a daily basis so people can vote which one of them is the worst and the most offensive. And if you are brave enough to venture there, don’t be surprised to see a detailed description of his sex life with Jessica Simpson or even some insight about his masturbation rituals.

We all know that John Mayer is a giant douche. After all, he has to fit into the “bad boy with a beautiful voice” image, which he does perfectly. We can’t deny that he’s an exceptionally talented singer, but nobody can defend him when it comes to profanity and public behavior. He simply can’t keep his mouth in check, and we feel that someone will soon try and wash it out with a bag of soap.

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